Summer trend: colares de contas coloridas

Vamos de micro trend super verão, super fun e super cool pra aquecer um pouco os corações no meio deste inverno brasileiro?

O acessório da vez no verão internacional é o colarzinho de contas coloridas. Eles começaram a aparecer nas redes sociais e viraram febre, conquistando influencers e celebridades. Muita gente inclusive disse que seria o substituto das choker e colares de búzios, mas a verdade é que eles ainda estão por aí. Aliás, tem versões que misturam os dois!

A peça aparece em diversos estilos e formatos, mas sempre com essa proposta divertida e lúdica. Os modelos que mais bombam são os que tem cores aleatórias, ou não muito organizadas, com cara de handmade mesmo. Parece até aquele item de artesanato que todo mundo fez alguma vez na vida em casa hehe!

Mas não se engane! A trend é descontraída, mas pode ser usada também com muita sofisticação. Várias marcas já lançaram suas versãos super chic da peça!

Clau Bartelle

Já da para começar a usar no inverno brasileiro, e se jogar de cabeça assim que chegar o nosso verão!

Tendência colar de contas

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  10. Great Blue Hole
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  11. “We should concern ourselves not so much with the pursuit of happiness but rather with the happiness of pursuit.” – The Search for Happiness (2014)
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  12. Royal temple in the area of ​​the Grand Palace It is one of the first tourist destinations in the country that was revealed to the world when tourism was first promoted. Born in Thailand 50 years ago, in addition to its importance as a place where the Buddha Maha Mani Rattana Patimakorn “Phra Kaew Morakot”, the architecture of many eras that has been built from generation to generation. And the magnificent decorations are unique and attractive. especially the mural paintings around the balcony Ramayana, the most magnificent and longest in the world,

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  13. Doi Pui Luang, Mae Hong Son Province
    Doi Pui Luang in Mae Ngao National Park It is a search for another beautiful sea of ​​mist in Thailand. The more I get to go in winter, the image of the sea of ​​clouds that clings tightly together. including beautiful golden fields big sun and the coldness that is the atmosphere of traveling in the forest Here is the splendor of the mountains in the form of a sea of ​​mist. and golden fields It is a new natural attraction that is still waiting for everyone to experience for themselves. I can assure you that the sea of ​​clouds is really beautiful, really beautiful.


  14. After this year’s Olympics, 2020 has been postponed. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 this year, the host country of Japan was able to deal with the epidemic problem until it passed the standards to hold the Tokyo Olympics this year. At this time, all kinds of sporting events are becoming more and more exciting. giving happiness to the fans sports from around the world

    Of course, in addition to the Olympic Games With the venue being in Tokyo, Japan, a tourist city that many Thai people people are well acquainted It can be said that if it is a normal time, we have the opportunity to visit Tokyo. Must meet with Thai tourists there almost every time. Because Tokyo is a colorful city. advancement in technology Including many important tourist landmarks are located here.
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  15. James Bond Island, Phang Nga Province ❀
    James Bond Island or Tapu Island It is the most famous attraction of Ao Phang Nga National Park. In 1974, the island was the location of a scene in the James Bond movie. James Bond Island has no coastline. But there will be a bay that looks like it is surrounded by cliffs. and steep rocky which you om Khao Phing Kan Island which is conveniently located opposite the passing boat. part of Ao Phang Nga National Park which has to be paid for the visit
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  20. Microsoft has announced on its website that it will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browsers by August 17, 2021, starting with the Microsoft Teams Web App end of support on IE11. From 30 November onwards Before all Microsoft 365 applications and services end support on IE11 beginning August 17 next year.
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  21. small island like singapore with an area of ​​less than 730 square kilometers according to government data There are few natural sources of water. and most of the time It has always depended on water from neighboring Malaysia.

    Still, the Singapore government decided to initiate a project to develop a state-of-the-art system for wastewater treatment. that takes advantage of a network of tunnels and a number of high-tech factories with the hope of increasing self-sufficiency
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  22. Erawan Waterfall, Kanchanaburi Province

    One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Thailand It is located within the Erawan National Park. Si Sawat District It looks like a limestone waterfall. The water is clear emerald green. It is very beautiful, divided into 7 floors, with a total distance of about 2,200 meters, with different names from the 1st to the 7th floors, such as Lai Khun Rang, Wang Matcha, Pha Nam Tok, Ok Nang Phi Suea, Boredom, Dong. Pruksa and Phu Pha Erawan. The 7th level will have an important identity, which is the area where the waterfall will have water flowing down the rock, resembling a three-headed elephant. Also known as the Erawan elephant. Therefore, it is the origin of Erawan National Park


  23. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep Ratchaworawihan Chiang Mai Province

    One of the most sacred ancient temples in Thailand. which is important in terms of history It is a priceless temple that should not be missed when coming to Chiang Mai. Inside is the enshrined of the Mon-shaped chedi. At the base of the chedi is the Buddha’s relics. Which can be considered as a sanctuary that expresses important Lanna Thai arts that have been the counterpart of Chiang Mai for a long time. Tourists can come up to see the beauty of the pagoda and see the surrounding scenery of Chiang Mai City


  24. The largest island after Koh Chang (Ranong) in the middle of the island area is forest and various wildlife such as birds, monkeys and wild boars. It has been dubbed as the Maldives of Thailand. Koh Phayam has five Hat Yai beaches, forests, large trees, mangrove beaches, rubber plantations and a place for hornbill watching. It can be said that Koh Phayam is also one of the most abundant natural attractions.

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  25. Phu Soi Dao

    Phu Soi Dao is located in the area of ​​Phu Soi Dao National Park. by the highest peak of Phu Soi Dao With an altitude of 2,102 meters above sea level, it is considered the 4th highest mountain in Thailand. beautiful purple, charming, covering the entire area during the rainy season around August – September of every year is another place. named land of midday dew Because it is a place where fog is covered most of the day.

    For the route to conquer Lan Son Phu Soi Dao, tourists will have to walk up a steep hill. and pass through all 5 hills of Wat Jai, namely Noen Song Khun, Noen Prap Sian, Noen Pa Ko, Noen Sua Krong and Noen Death, which is considered the last hill the steepest until almost having to use four legs crawl alone The total distance is about 6.5 kilometers, it takes 4-6 hours to walk. Overall, it’s not very difficult. Suitable for novice trekkers (in good health)
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  26. A new shopping mall modeled after a Chinese-style market is planned for the southwestern area of Bangkok. The market, called Sampeng 2, will feature more than 1,000 booths of vendors selling goods such as clothing, footwear, jewelry, decorative items and souvenirs from China Town. Some of the merchandise will be sourced directly from factories in the outlying provinces, and will be traded in both wholesale and retail to the shoppers. The architectural structure of the buildings inside the 56-acre shopping complex will be partly built in Chinese style, featuring red-tiled roofs. In addition, the 56-acre complex will feature restaurants serving Thai and Chinese foods, and a fresh-water lake that will host a floating market.
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  27. Asian countries including Thailand, China and Vietnam are turning former tea plantations into golf courses. However, the way golf is played in Asia differs from how it is played in the West. For example, in many Asian countries, caddies are required and most are women. The author also advises Western golfers in Asia on holiday to bring their own golf shoes, as Asians usually have much smaller feet than their Western counterparts.
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  28. Thai police on Monday began distributing 140,000 sweets blessed by a Buddhist abbot in the hopes of reducing road accidents this Songkran season by keeping motorists awake with the candies. On Saturday, 2,999 monks gathered at a temple to bless the confectionery, known as “super sours.” “The major cause of the accidents is that people get very tired from driving after days of celebration,” said regional highway police chief Colonel Panya Pinsuk. “The taste is very sour, which can keep you awake. The candy was also blessed by the monks, which makes people more comfortable and confident when driving.” The government hopes to cut the number of road deaths by 15 percent from the nearly 500 who were killed last year.
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  29. Police in the state of Florida in the U.S. recently pulled over a man for a speeding violation. During the traffic stop, they noticed what looked like small white rocks on his dashboard. Believing the white substance was crystal meth, the police arrested the man for drug possession. The man tried to explain to the police that the substance was glaze from a Krispie Kreme doughnut, but they did not believe him. He was only released from custody weeks later after crime lab tests showed that it was actually a sugar-based substance. He is now planning to sue the police department.
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  30. was crystal meth, the police arrested the man for drug possession. The man tried to explain to the police that the substance was glaze from a Krispie Kreme doughnut, but they did not believe him. He was only released from custody weeks later after crime lab tests showed that it was actually a sugar-based substance. He is now planning to sue the police department.
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  31. Shermans Travel has named Bangkok the best city in the world for shopping. Bangkok topped the list for its reputation as one of the best shopping destinations in Asia. The annual list for shopaholics said good finds in the city are high-quality silk, jewelry, and traditional crafts for a reasonable amount of money. Bangkok beat out cities including Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, London and Paris.
    ก้อง 24/08/64

  32. In recent advertising and marketing campaigns, the government has pursued categories of tourists, such as Muslims, Israelis and gays, that are shunned in some neighboring countries. It is the only Asian country that has a government-sponsored campaign aimed at gay and lesbian travelers. It is also marketing itself to Muslims as a place with abundant choices of Halal restaurants and many prayer rooms in public places such as shopping malls. Also, while Malaysia and Indonesia, both Muslim-majority countries, bar Israelis from visiting for political reasons, Thailand has long been one of the most popular destinations for Israeli travelers, with 120,000 Israelis visiting the country in 2012. “We live in a country that is open and pretty liberal — I can’t think of a market that we wouldn’t welcome,” said Wisoot Buachoom, the director of the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s office in Chiang Mai.
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  37. beauty pictures Kaeng Krachan National Park After being registered as a natural world heritage by UNESCO!
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  38. DP, the fleeing army hunting unit Tell a story with the events of our country There is always news about conscripts being wounded and dying from training in the barracks. Although the series is a Netflix original content created by a South Korean team. Or it may be that in the context of conscripts, Many countries in the world share a sense of unity. With a senior system, values…
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  40. Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum
    Wat Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum is located in Mueang Kamphaeng Phet District. Kamphaeng Phet Province Built with the city of Nakhon Chum as the city’s temple The most important thing in the temple is Phra Borommathat Nakhon Chum Maha Chedi Beautiful with architecture and gold glittering throughout the body. like a pagoda Shwedagon in Myanmar It is a chedi that contains 9 Buddha relics. like meeting the Buddha himself
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  41. Mae Ngad Dam is located in Mae Taeng District. In addition to being a dam used for irrigation purposes With a view of the beautiful dam surrounded by green mountains. Popular tourist attractions Another place for nature lovers. and want to rest in peace among the river There is a raft accommodation in a resort style. open to many tourists You can go on a day trip and come back to enjoy the food. Or spend the night relaxing, sleeping on a raft and having fun with our various activities.
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  43. Strawberry Farm, Chiang Mai Province
    From November to February, it is regarded as the time when Samoeng enters the winter in full swing. cold The faint mist begins to appear every morning at Samoeng. This is also the time when strawberries are competing with each other. The produce of each rai gradually leaves the farm. It is considered a golden season for tourists to be able to pick fresh strawberries in the farm itself. because in addition to both the cold and cold atmosphere at the farm We also got to experience the way of life of strawberry farmers themselves.


  44. Mae Ngad Dam, Chiang Mai Province
    Mae Ngad Dam or Mae Ngat Somboon Chon Dam in the Sri Lanna National Park In addition to being a dam used for irrigation purposes with a very beautiful view of the dam Surrounded by beautiful green mountains Mae Ngad Dam has become another popular check-in point for nature lovers. and want to rest in peace Amidst the river, paddling, watching the fog, looking at the mountains, we must come to this dam.


  45. Hinoki Land Chiang Mai Province
    Travel to Japan near Chai Prakan, who likes the atmosphere of Japan. Must be here. Hinoki Land, the first Hinoki wooden kingdom. and the only one in Thailand which does not have to go to Japan at all because he brought it to Chiang Mai and then Especially during this comfortable travel time. The weather must be good. suitable for traveling And it’s very photogenic.


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  48. Open the clip “Maprang Alisa” screams at the house The minute reaction to see “Obnithi” show up, singing over the wall.
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  53. floctor Pla” says the forest lord is not real, pointing to hold “Nong Gina” to sacrifice, just haunting the drugencontrou o jeito mais bacana de se jogar na tendência, selecionei alguns looks da cantora para você se inspirar e colocar o seu boné para jogo!

  54. Phu Wiang Dinosaur Museum
    Located at the district in the city Wiang Kao District It is part of the Phu Wiang Dinosaur Fossil Study Center. for conservation For the benefit of society and promote tourism for sustainable development by exhibiting fossils of dinosaur bones Various parts and footprints from Thailand’s first dinosaur fossils were found in Phu Wiang District. Khon Kaen Province in 1976 12/09/2021 BY:ศุภดา

  55. Mae Chong Rim Khao Restaurant
    Located before the entrance to Phu Kao Phu Phan Kham National Park, on the edge of the lake of Ubonrat Dam, selling food such as papaya salad, seafood and various river fish dishes. There is a seat in a small hut, receiving the cool breeze from the dam that blows. Som Tum menu, Miang Phalao, Cockle scallops are good taste. All ingredients are fresh, especially fish. Papaya salad is delicious.12/09/2021 BY:ศุภดา

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  58. The old man went to the forest to collect mushrooms, disappeared overnight, suddenly walked out by himself, revealing that he ate mushrooms to sustain his life.
    Grandpa, 74, went to the forest to find mushrooms. Overnight not coming back out Searched and couldn’t find it. Finally walked out by myself Praying for sacred things to help – eat mushrooms to sustain life Read more >>> By wila 20/9

  59. When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are.”
    เมื่อคุณหยุดคาดหวัง ว่าคนอื่นจะต้องสมบูรณ์แบบ คุณก็จะชอบพวกเขา ในสิ่งที่พวกเขาเป็น
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  60. Wat Ban Den or the full name “Wat Den Sari Si Mueang Kaen” is located in Mae Taeng District. Chiang Mai Province It is a temple located on a hill surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Inside the temple is spacious, comprising the Ubosot, the Trai Hall, the Drum Tower, the Vihara Sao Inthakhin. Lanna style golden teak cubicle, viharn, stupa, chedi and Phra Buddha Billionaire Nawakoti A pavilion enshrined a replica of famous monks of Thailand. Beautiful with the art of Thai Lanna architecture. Every detail of the building is exquisite. as if copied from literature If anyone visiting Chiang Mai It is recommended to visit this temple once.20/09/2021 BYศุภดา Go To Website:

  61. Thung Bua Tong Doi Mae Ukho
    When entering the winter in the month of November – early December is the time when lotus flowers in Doi Mae U Kho, Khun Yuam District, bloom, attracting tourists to visit. and see the beauty of fields full of yellow Covering the mountains on an area of ​​more than 1,000 rai, is the largest lotus field in Thailand. which is only to be seen once a year20/09/2021 BYศุภดา Go To Website:

  62. Doctor’s page screams! Children’s homework. Grade 3 meets physiology. Teaching content for 2nd year medical students
    Screaming Doctor page Found a Kindergarten 3 homework, listened to the video and wrote the answer. Physiology Revealed as the content of 2nd year medical students Read more >>> By Bwing 20/9

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