Com PayPal eu posso!


Meninas, quem de vocês tem conta no PayPal? Eu não tinha, até descobri que até em Londres, no meio de uma feira de roupas vintage, eu poderia usar para pagar uma peça que eu desejava. Para quem ainda não conhece, o PayPal é um sistema de pagamento internacional super simples de usar e seguro. Ao invés de usar o seu cartão de crédito e colocá-lo em risco, você usa a sua conta doPaypal para pagar e também para receber.

O PayPal está com uma campanha especial para as mulheres. É a “Com PayPal eu posso”. Uma vitrine de produtos especialmente dedicada às mulheres, com condições especiais para quem usa o PayPal. Essa vitrine vem recheada de ideias de looks e post sobre tendências. Tudo para a sua compra ser a mais bacana possível. Quem te ajudará será a Julia Petit!  


Quer ver mais? Olha só essa oferta: Vestido Mullet da Lets de R$79 por R$ 25 (OMG!). Clique aqui e fique sabendo em detalhes sobre #compaypaleuposso 


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  1. O PagSeguro, bastante usado por aqui em compras online, é um cópia do PayPal, que é do eBay.

    O PayPal é o máximo, e podemos comprar do mundo inteiro com total segurança.

  2. • A Masquintense e a Masque Nutri-Thermique (eu compro qualquer uma das 2, ambas são da linha “Nutritive”) são minhas favoritas pra fazer a hidratação caseira. De 2 a 3 vezes por mês eu aplico mecha por mecha no comprimento dos cabelos úmidos e deixo agindo por 20 a 30min. Na verdade eu amo toda essa linha laranja que é pra cabelo normal a seco, mas como fica caro usar todos, eu faço questão de ter pelo menos uma das máscaras!

  3. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a game where you can do anything you want. sl is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these sl articles and blogs

  4. canaan vineyard

    canaan vineyard It is a vineyard with good atmosphere, very romantic atmosphere, with many angles to take pictures. The highlight is the outstanding architecture, which is the Canaan Building, a Tuscan-style Italian building, colorful, beautiful and outstanding. Inside the building, there will be many cute corners to take photos. There is a spiral staircase leading up to the roof to go up to see the atmosphere and surrounding scenery Inside the building there is a restaurant serving food. Drinks are Italian dishes such as steak, spaghetti and more.
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  5. is located along the lower Mae Ping Dam. Around Bhumibol Dam Reservoir where tourists can walk on the beach, stretching along the Ping River It is a place to relax for the people of Tak. including tourists in nearby provinces who brought together to play in the water Indulge in the succulents by the beach There are rubber rings for rent to swim. and beach chairs to chill out, especially in the summer every day Therefore, tourists come to cool off on this Mae Ping beach uninterrupted.

  6. Khiriwan Temple
    Located in Hin Tang Subdistrict Nakhon Nayok Province About 9 kilometers from the city, there is a replica of the Emerald Buddha enshrined in the Viharn on the top of the hill. The temple is the largest Buddha image in the world. and is respected by the general public. Including Khmer architectural art, including a large Khmer castle that houses the 1,000-year-old Luang Pho Pho, a Buddha image in the posture of a nak prok carved from a Bodhi tree. including the stucco of various gods both Chinese and Brahmin

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  7. จงภูมิใจกับทุกบาดแผลที่เกิดขึ้นในหัวใจ

    Be proud of every scar on your heart.
    Each one holds a lifetime’s worth of lessons.


  8. If talking about the important landmarks of Seoul (Seoul), the “N Seoul Tower” can’t be missed. both Korean people and tourists come to go up to the top of the tower to lock the key because of the belief that If anyone comes to put the key here will have hope and have a love that lasts But besides being a place for couples It is also another viewpoint that is very beautiful. You can see a 360 degree view of Seoul city.
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  10. When nothing is sure, everything is possible.
    ในเมื่อไม่มีอะไรแน่นอน ทุกอย่างก็เป็นไปได้ทั้งนั้น
    – – วาทะของ มาร์กาเร็ต แดร็บเบิ้ล (Margaret Drabble) นักเขียนนิยายชาวอังกฤษ

  11. If you buy raw bananas If still green, wrap it in a towel moistened with cold water, wring it dry, and place it in a brown paper bag. Bananas will ripen faster. Do not store bananas and apples in the same place. Because the ethylene gas in apples will make the bananas black faster. Just like this, it will make a delicious banana.

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  12. Khao Phlu Cave Hot Springs
    Located at Tambon Suan Taeng, Lamae District, within the area of ​​Tham Khao Plu Hot Springs, an area of ​​approximately 300 rai, surrounded by large and small trees. that keeps the shady What’s interesting about this hot spring is that the names of each spring that rhyme with each other beautifully are “Auaree Thanthip”04-08-2021 by hunny go to website:

  13. Royal temple in the area of ​​the Grand Palace It is one of the first tourist destinations in the country that was revealed to the world when tourism was first promoted. Born in Thailand 50 years ago, in addition to its importance as a place where the Buddha Maha Mani Rattana Patimakorn “Phra Kaew Morakot”, the architecture of many eras that has been built from generation to generation. And the magnificent decorations are unique and attractive. especially the mural paintings around the balcony Ramayana, the most magnificent and longest in the world,

    +++เดซี่ 6/8/64+++

  14. Same same, not different
    Though Watch Dogs has had three titles under its belt, it’s only in the second game’s first expansion, Watch Dogs: Legion Bloodline, that the protagonist of the first game, Aiden Pearce, returns as a playable character. For those who’ve played the first title and the main game that Bloodline expands on, it’s familiarity with a tinge of nostalgia. But is that a good thing or a bad thing?
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  15. Japan is facing an aging society. and the new generation is getting married and having fewer children. The government therefore decided to spend a budget of 2 billion yen, or about 6 hundred million baht, to support the development of artificial intelligence for matchmaking.
    These artificial intelligences will be deployed to matchmaking companies that exist in many provinces of the country. Today, only a handful of companies are using artificial intelligence in matchmaking. The rest still use the same method, the list of preferences. and various qualifications such as age, occupation, income, and then compare
    Japan has been trying to solve the aging society for many years. due to the steadily decreasing population of the new born population like last year The number of new born babies stands at 865,000, the lowest ever recorded. as well as the number of newly married couples has declined. The number of marriages last year dropped from 2000-200 thousand couples, contrary to the increase in life expectancy. and the age of marriage is slower
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  16. The real challenge of organizing events in the era of COVID-19 So it’s not just about moving the platform from offline to online. The key is moving the audience experience. And how do you keep your audience engaged at all times? when the organizer cannot control the environment around the audience The only communication that can be done is seeing and hearing only That is, even if it is an e-sports competition that is familiar with online competitions. To enter the Virtual Event, so must the strategies for the Peak to pull the audience to cheer the contestants as if sitting in a big stadium throughout the match as well.

    Garena (Thailand) Online Game Provider and Online Communication Platform Take care of many licensed games such as Arena of Valor (RoV), FIFA Online 4, Call of Duty®: Mobile, FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! And a game developed by itself with partners like Free Fire would like to join the virtual event parade, reinforcing the leadership in the gaming industry and e-sports competition. Moving forward with the Garena World 2021 event under the concept ‘Garena World 2021: Virtual Unite’ breaks the limits, opening a new decade of the world of esports. It is considered the gaming and esports event of the year with ‘Virtual Production’ technology and a platform that meets the consumer’s ‘Immersive Experience’ to deliver impressive experiences in the world of gaming and esports. to create good memories for fans of games and e-sports for a long time
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  18. Ban Kru Kang Museum
    Kru Kang House Museum It is a learning resource that has collected various collectibles. Whether it is toys, antiques, or other items such as vintage cars, books, banknotes, lanterns, carts, kitchen utensils, musical instruments, the name was named after Kru Kang Boonkiet, a former government teacher13-08-2021 by hunny go to website:

  19. Phuket – Most recommended places to visit to visit in Thailand
    A Thai province, Phuket’s main city is also called Phuket. It is a large island province and is filled with several islands located in the western coast of the country. Also filled with scenic beaches which feature various luxury resorts, private beach bungalows and traditional accommodations for visitors. These beaches are filled with stylish nightclubs and shopping centres. For those who want to spend their time with leisure can also visit golf courses, historical museums, and monuments.
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  20. Mun Islands
    A diver’s dream island known as the most beautiful in the Gulf of Thailand. clear water like glass saw a flock of fish swimming around It is famous for snorkeling in shallow water. It consists of 3 private islands, namely Koh Mun Nork, a small island. That is relatively quiet with a high atmosphere. white sand beach Can walk around the island in about 1 hour. Koh Mun Nai is the largest in the Mun Islands18-08-2021 by hunny go to website:

  21. It is said that it is the most beautiful and the most visited Island of the country and the saying is very correct. You will also feel the same, once you will visit the place. Situated in the north of Thailand, this island has become the gateway of island hopping. The best part about this place is that it has mountains all around and you can get small huts on rent here. There are white sands all over and these add the charm to the beauty of this place. Also, due these awesome reasons this island happens to be the most crowded island of all. Apart from the beauty and crowd this also has excellent resort, where one can really spend some quality time. So, if we add all these points, this place is one of the best places to visit in Thailand. BY- SUNJI ☞ Click here to See

  22. In the past 2-3 years and especially during the severe covid epidemic It must be admitted that the behavior of most consumers has begun to change noticeably. and turn to spend more time on digital platforms One of the most prominent and popular platforms that can’t be dragged is ‘TikTok’, a short video viewing application that meets the needs of users and people at the right time. just the right time
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  23. KINGDOM: THE BLOOD, a game based on the popular Netflix series, is now available on PC and mobile.
    Based on the popular Netflix series, KINGDOM: THE BLOOD is a gorgeous ARPG where players fight Korean-style zombiesRead more >>> By ชาเขียว 28/8
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  24. Pattaya Prime Minister made a statement on hot issues “Cutting the Malabar Beach” Pattaya Beach Landscape Renovation Project
    Pattaya Prime Minister has made a statement The felling of Malabar trees on the beach of Pattaya landscape tourism To develop the beach area of ​​Pattaya to be a beautiful tourist attraction and a center of transportation. Tourism and investment of the EEC according to the government plan Read more >>> By wila 28/8

  25. Buddha images of Bamiyan revealed in Afghanistan before being destroyed by the Taliban
    Unveiling the legend of Buddha statues of Bamiyan Afghanistan The former center of Buddhism in the world It is located in Bamiyan Valley. It is about 230 kilometers from the capital city of Kabul. Read more >>> By wila 28/8

  26. New research from the University of California, Riverside (UCR) reveals that if older adults learned something new for just six weeks, their brains were 30 years younger. doing many activities at the same time It will help increase mental power and prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Such skills may be practiced by learning a new language, learning to use an iPad, but…
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  27. Many countries around the world continue to develop space technology continuously. for the opportunity of mankind to return to explore the moon again The latest is the queue of India who has just unofficially made a partial look at ‘Chandrayaan-2’. Went on Wednesday the 12th of June local time. By preparing to take off on a mission to explore the moon on July 15 and …
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  28. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market
    Damnoen Saduak Floating Market It is a very famous tourist attraction of Ratchaburi. introduced to the world as a source Traveled for the first time in 1967 in the image of a floating market filled with rowing boats carrying goods. At present, there are both Thai and foreign tourists coming to see the way of life. and trade in this floating market a lot, where you can walk, watch, buy, taste food and various products where vendors row boats to sell Most of the products that are sold are fruits such as bananas, grapefruit, rose apple, longan, mango, etc. The price is not expensive. because it comes from farmers directly There is a wide variety of food, especially boat noodles, which have many options.
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  29. Recommended restaurants
    Zaad Saded
    Arrive in Khon Kaen, want to eat Isaan food, recommend Saad Sadet restaurant. Located in Mueang Khon Kaen District Great taste There is a wide variety of menus that are pleasing to the eye. Especially the menu from nautilus, both poached Jim and pounded scallops, are cool, don’t tell anyone. Papaya salad has a variety of menus such as Laos salad, Thai salad, bean salad, corn salad, lotus salad, blue crab salad, fresh shrimp salad. There are also spicy dishes such as fresh shrimp salad with fermented fish sauce. Spicy Scallop Salad with Fermented Fish Sauce Spicy Blue Crab Salad with Fish Sauce, savory and crispy, like papaya salad neck, while other appetizers such as roasted shrimp shredded with salt, Vietnamese pork with banana leaf, and fried chicken are priced in the lower ten. Cheap, delicious, yummy, forget it because every menu is delicious
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