Já conhece a Te Quiero?

Quem não gosta de um bordado? É muito HIT. Dá um up na roupa, deixa qualquer camiseta com cara de super produção. Pensando nisso , a Te Quiero se jogou na tendência para criar peças que tenham a pegada glam da pedraria e que, ao mesmo tempo, não comprometam a sua conta bancária. Já que a Te Quiero tem a pegada do fast fashion, com preço bacana e novidades sempre.  Adoro combinações de peças básicas, como jeans, com uma camiseta mais rica. Sem falar que elas circulam na balada e até em alguns ambientes de trabalho. Eu gosto de usar essas blusas com jeans tipo flare, fazendo um look anos 70 revisitado!

Aproveite para conhecer uma das lojas da Te Quiero. Fui na loja do Shopping Morumbi, mas a Te Quierotem loja na Vila Madalena – Rua Harmonia, 198 – Tel: 3031-5766, no  Itaim Bibi – Rua Vizeu, 25 – Tel: 3045-9665 e também no Park Shopping São Caetano –  Al Terracota, 545 – Loja 2063 – Tel: 4233-8490.

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  1. Adoro pedrarias e as peças estão um arraso!! Amei a regata com aplicações nas costas!! Já conheci a loja da Vila Madalena e é lindaaaaa.

  2. Lalá querida, amei as roupas, quero todas!
    Olha, sei que não tem nada a ver com a sua postagem, mas eu preciso te perguntar. COMO VC CONSEGUE ESSE SEU BRONZEADO?
    Ele é perfeito! Fala seu segredo vai!!!!!


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  4. He broke his head

    Another interesting attraction which was developed by the Khao Hua Taek Tourism Promotion Group until becoming an adventure or adventure attraction Enjoy a variety of travel activities Kayaking, swimming, cycling and enjoying taking pictures. amidst the green forest and emerald green water Look at it and enjoy it very much.
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  5. ผลไม้ตระกูลส้ม เช่น ส้มเขียวหวาน เกรปฟรุต เลมอน มะนาว ช่วยเสริมสร้างสุขภาพหัวใจ และอาจช่วยป้องกันมะเร็ง อัมพาต เบาหวาน และโรคเรื้อรังอื่นๆ ได้ เราจึงควรกินผลไม้ในตระกูลส้มวันละ 1 ผล เพื่อการมีสุขภาพดี by wila 10/07

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  6. Loh Samah Bay This is one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in Phi Phi Ley Island. Visitors will be able to experience marine life. a large number of large fish colorful anemone It is a small underwater world kingdom that will allow you to enjoy the Krabi sea without boredom.
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  7. There is a history that during the year 1785, Thailand was invaded by Burma. By that battle called “War of the Nine Armies” and an army of Burmese invaded the south, intending to successfully attack Thalang. At that time, the governor of Thalang, the husband of Khun Ying Chan, had just died, causing the city of Thalang to lack leadership
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  8. Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. ชัยชนะที่ดีที่สุดของเรา ไม่ใช่การที่ไม่เคยล้มเหลวเลย แต่ทุกครั้งที่ล้ม เราต้องลุกขึ้นเองได้เสมอ



  9. Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri
    Wat Phra That Suthon Mongkhon Khiri The highlight is that it is one of the most beautiful collections of applied Lanna arts. In the temple area, there are over 30 Lanna-style chedi in front of the stairs. To the east there is a large lion statue and a large reclining Buddha prominently in front of the temple. There is also a Lanna-style teak museum building. that collects the story of Lanna and Phrae Exhibit the weapons of ancient warriors. including photos of the northern bosses and Pictures of various events in Lanna
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  10. Wat Sri Don Kham
    Locals call it “Wat Huai Ao”, it is a large old relic inside. The Buddha’s relics passed by to visit Long District. went to pay homage to Phra Chao Phrato See the arts and crafts of Lanna Buddhist ancestors and pay homage to “Phra That Sri Don Kham” to make you feel full of merit and good luck forever. And what is indispensable is to see the bomb bell. The origin of the word “City of Phrae bombing” that occurred since World War 2 from the bombing of the railroad. But the bomb didn’t explode. The villagers were disappointed and helped to carry the carts to the temple to make a bell. people passing by do not understand, they lead them to say that “Phrase of Explosion”



  11. น้ำตกที่ตั้งอยู่ในพื้นที่วนอุทยานน้ำตกกะเปาะ มีลักษณะคล้ายฝายรูปโค้ง กว้าง 20 เมตร สูง 2 เมตร ซึ่งถึงแม้ว่าจะเป็นน้ำตกขนาดเล็กแต่ก็มีน้ำไหลตลอดทั้งปี อีกทั้งยังล้อมรอบไปด้วยสวนป่าร่มรื่น เหมาะสำหรับเป็นที่เที่ยวพักผ่อนชิล ๆ นอกจากนี้ใกล้ ๆ กันยังเป็นที่ตั้งของ “ถ้ำพิสดาร” ด้านในมีหินงอกหินย้อยที่สวย ซึ่งนักท่องเที่ยวสามารถเข้าเยี่ยมชมความงดงามภายในถ้ำแห่งนี้ได้ by wila

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  12. “Jip Pokchat” was stunned! applicants to drive unusual profile I know that I lost a lot of work.
    “Jip Pokchat” was stunned! applicants to drive unusual profile I know that I lost a lot of work.
    When actress Jib Pokchat is recruiting for a driver Makes referred to know that people are now unemployed. and very difficult Each person who comes to apply for a profile is not normal. “Jip Pokchat” is stunned! The profile of each person applying to be a driver is extraordinary. So I know how many people have lost their jobs.
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  13. “Your attitude is like a box of crayons that color your world. Constantly color your picture gray, and your picture will always be bleak. Try adding some bright colors to the picture by including humor, and your picture begins to lighten up.”
    คำคมให้กำลังใจ – Allen Klein –

    ทัศนคติของคุณก็เหมือนกล่องใส่แท่งสีต่างๆ สำหรับเอาไว้ทาโลกของคุณ ถ้าหากรูปภาพของคุณถูกทาด้วยสีเทา มันจะเป็นรูปที่มืดมัวตลอดไป ลองใส่สีไปในรูปสิและอารมณ์ขันลงไป คุณจะพบว่ารูปภาพนั้นเริ่มแจ่มใสมีชีวิตชีวา

  14. Tunnel of Love
    Tunnel of Love is one of Ukraine’s most famous tourist attractions. It is a beautifully tree-built railway tunnel located in Klevan, a small town in Rivne region, a province located in western Ukraine. See this romantically, don’t tell anyone. It is recommended to save money and prepare to take a pre-wedding photo shoot here.


  15. Loei, a natural tourist town surrounded by intricate mountains amidst fog, covers the top of Phu. It is rich in a variety of forest vegetation known as Phu Kradueng. Phu Luang and Phu Rua Cool weather, beautiful terrain Different cultural traditions, including the ghosts of Ta Khan, await travelers to experience the city of the wonderland mountains.


  16. Koh Talu, a beautiful island with a nice atmosphere, crystal clear water, is located in the area of responsibility of Khao Laem Ya National Park. – Koh Samet There is a landmark that anyone who comes to the island must stop by to take a picture of the unseen scenery. It’s quiet and quiet, just like any other popular tourist destination.


  17. It is a small archipelago in the Krabi Province in Southern Thailand. Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest island of the group and is the only island with permanent inhabitants. The smaller Ko Phi Phi Leh is famous as the filming location for the 2000 movie “The Beach”. The island is filled with luxury retreats which provide stunning views of the island. Ko Phi Phi is promoted by Thailand Tourism because of umpteen reasons.

    Koh Phi Phi is the perfect escape for the young crowd who want to party and indulge in adventure sports like snorkelling, diving and cliff jumping. A boat ride to the beautiful island of Koh Phi Phi Leh is one of the perfect leisure activities at this island. During The New Years, Koh Phi Phi Islands hosts one of the most extravagant parties in Thailand with thousands of tourists flocking here to have a time of their life.
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  18. The majestic white temple that is known all over the world. Famed for its exquisite design and construction. like a fairy godmother paradise on earth This temple was designed and built by the national artist Chalermchai Kositpipat with the intention of dedicating this temple as a national treasure. Build this temple is Nation-Religion-King. In addition to the beautiful and delicate building architecture sculpture and Buddhist sculptures, carvings, and artisan works within the temple are all of incomparable artistic and spiritual value. And of course, this Rong Khun Temple is one of the top landmarks in Thailand. of modern times It also ranks among the most beautiful temples in the world ranked in many institutions.


  19. In the middle of last week Foreign news agencies reported that the Russian Navy has discovered five new islands breaking out from glaciers in the Arctic. The Russian Defense Ministry said the Russian navy discovered the island in 2016 via satellite imagery. But the expedition only confirmed the discovery and mapped it during a trip to the islands in August…
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  20. natural attractions in Kanchanaburi
    If you want to take beautiful photos Check in with nature Travel in Kanchanaburi meets the needs of lovers of carrying a camera. The hundred-year-old Chamchuri tree is a must-visit spot to take photos. And if you want to relax with hot springs Come see the wonders of nature at Hin Dat Hot Springs. 08-08-2021 by hunny go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  21. historical attractions in Kanchanaburi
    Riding an elephant to experience the atmosphere of war 9 armies in the past, we were at war with elephants. In the area on the border between Kanchanaburi and Burma, it used to be the battle route of our ancestors. thus conveying the way of keeping elephants So don’t miss to experience elephant riding09-08-2021 by hunny go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  22. Mun Islands
    A diver’s dream island known as the most beautiful in the Gulf of Thailand. clear water like glass saw a flock of fish swimming around It is famous for snorkeling in shallow water. It consists of 3 private islands, namely Koh Mun Nork, a small island. That is relatively quiet with a high atmosphere. white sand beach Can walk around the island in about 1 hour. Koh Mun Nai is the largest in the Mun Islands13-08-2021 by hunny go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  23. Soi Bangla Road’s activity begins after the sun goes down. During the day hours, you won’t even realize that Soi Bangla is a party hot spot. As the evening falls roads around this area is closed for vehicle entry. The traffic vanishes and this patch of street in the center of Phuket becomes a 400 meter festival of neon lights, thumping music and cheap beer.

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  24. Grand Palace, Bangkok
    A symbol of Thailand and an important symbol of Bangkok, and it is also one of the tourist attractions in Thailand that foreign visitors must take to see. This Grand Palace is like the heart of Bangkok. It is a place where important royal ceremonies are held. of the nation from the past to the present Historically, this Grand Palace has been built since the reign of King Rama I and has been restored continuously. The highlight of the Grand Palace is the Dusit Maha Prasat Throne Hall with outstanding architectural works of Rattanakosin. To enter the interior, one must dress modestly and respect the place. In 2008, the Grand Palace was ranked as the most popular tourist attraction with visitors. 16 of the world by the Global Market Information Database


  25. Ko Lipe is the part of 51 islands that make up for the Tarutao National Marine Park. Ko Lipe is popular between honeymooners because of its seclusion. Because of the privacy, it attracts many newlyweds who come here to enjoy this remote location with safe, friendly environment. This is one of the smallest islands in Thailand and its proximity is enough to be explored on the foot. BY-SUNJI Website https://ipro191.com/

  26. Rak Samae Bridge
    Rak Samae Bridge It is a wooden bridge that spans through the mangrove forest. Located at Khlong Tha Ta Boi, Ban Noen Kho, Klaeng District, is an eco-tourism attraction similar to Thung Prong Thong Pak Nam Prasae with a length of about 100 meters. This bridge is considered one of the points. Take in the views and scenery of nature that is rich in various types of trees18-08-2021 by hunny go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  27. “Pancake” pays respects to parents “Inspector Bear” 48th wedding anniversary. Many people cheer to see the wedding.
    Pancake holding a garland to pay respects to her boyfriend’s mother, Inspector Bear reveals that it is a 48th anniversary of stable love. Many people cheer to see the wedding. Read more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By wila 19/8

  28. Shrimp eggs, or as the Japanese call tobiko (tobiko), are flying fish eggs found along the southern coast of Japan. The body is 35 cm long and caught during the spawning period of early summer. The flying fish eggs are about 0.5-0.8 mm in size, usually orange-red. mild salty flavor Sometimes it is dyed into other colors. Read more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By wila 29/8

  29. Wine has been known to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, but according to a study by Professor Gabriella Gazzani of the University of Pavia, Italy, in the journal American. The Journal of Agricultural and food Chemistry found that drinking white wine or a glass of red wine a day on a regular basis will reduce the risk In the occurrence of tooth decay, gum disease and help treat a sore throat. Read more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By wila 29/8

  30. Noen Phaya Viewpoint
    Noen Phaya Viewpoint It is a famous viewpoint of Chanthaburi. Because it is a road along the beach of Chanthaburi province through Kung Wiman Beach. Ao Khung Kraben, Laem Sing Beach, both sides of the road, facing the sea and mountains. The road curves along the mountains and the sea. It is the most beautiful road. in the east The security of Chalerm Burapha Chonlathit Road With a total distance of 111 kilometers, suitable for driving and enjoying the view, it is also suitable for cycling to see the view. There is a dedicated bike lane on the shoulder.

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  31. This was due to the overwhelming response of the RakDok Floral Weeks exhibition that brought the old crocodile community back to life with a variety of flowers. This has raised concerns from many that the exhibition will become a risky place for spreading COVID-19. After several attempts to improve visits and public health actions Finally, the Rak Dok team came to the conclusion that the…
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  32. bored at home Let’s find some fun activities to do. Let’s see what things to do between 11-17 July 2020. Pictured: House next to Fungjai Music Club VOL.1: t_047 What: A music club that invites you to join a concert. close up solo Along with souvenirs that can’t be found anywhere else like a tiny house next door, this concert you will choose to visit at a place from…
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  33. Koh Sichang
    Koh Sichang, a famous resort for hundreds of years to the present. There is a natural beauty that is different from other tourist attractions. There is a calm atmosphere. Fresh air, beautiful sights It is an island worth visiting in a local atmosphere that can be visited. You can travel for a day or stay overnight. Koh Sichang is a region that has historical significance because it is The residence of the three kings, namely, King Rama 4, King Rama 5 and King Rama 6, which is evidenced by many royal names and King Rama 5 was graciously pleased to to build the first royal palace on the island to be a place of imprint In the summer and the King named Phra Chutadhuj Rajathan. according to the name of the son who was born on this island
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  34. Wat Phra That Khao Noi , Nan Province
    Wat Phra That Khao Noi I’m in Nan town. The relics are located on the top of Doi Khao Noi. You can see the surrounding scenery of the city of Nan in full. And here is the viewpoint of the sunrise. and a beautiful sunset In the morning some days, you can see a faint mist covering it as well


  35. The best tourist attraction in England must be given to Stonehenge, a large group of rock formations on the Salisbury Plains in the south of the British Isles. Consisting of 112 gigantic stone blocks, the origin of Stonehenge is not yet conclusive. There are just so many assumptions. Archaeologists believe that This mound was formed somewhere around 3000–2000 BC by calculating its age from radioactive carbon. Scientists and historians have speculated that all of the megaliths were drawn from somewhere else. Because the plains there are no rocks. which is expected to come from “Marlborough Fields” located 40 kilometers away, but it is believed that Stonehenge was probably built for the religious ceremonies of the ancients. With all the wonders and mysteries that remain unsolved, Stonehenge is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


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