O vestido vermelho de Amora em Sangue Bom

Todo mundo quer saber sobre o look de Amora, personagem de Sophie Charlotte, na novela Sangue Bom. Lalá te conta. O vestido é lindo messsssmo e é, de longe, o meu favorito na coleção inverno 2013 do Reinaldo Lourenço. Esse trabalho de tecido trançado é perfeito. Quem não desejou? Quero um igual djá! Para quem não viu a cena é só clicar aqui!  #lalaresponde 

Para quem ainda não viu, tem um post aqui contando sobre os óculos de Amora! Clica para ver! 


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  1. Sinceramente gentee… eu não sei o que tem de bonito esse vestido a não ser status… horrivel, não deixa a mulher nada sexy, nem atraente, apaga totalmente! ‘tipo lingerrye NUDE´

  2. Vestido maravilhosoooooo!!!
    Lalá, amo essa sua coluna de mostrar da onde são as roupas das famosas. Quando eu vi esse vestido na novela, queria muito saber da onde era, ai só pensei no seu blog. Sabia com certeza que você ia colocar ele!!


  3. Lala, ja tentei descobrir, mas nao consegui. Gostaria de saber se seria possivel vc descobrir aquele vestido branco que amora usou de manga comprida e barra de plumas. Por favor.

  4. Olá Lalá,

    Vc sabe de quem é o colar prata que a Malu, personagem da Fernanda Vasconcelos usa em SAngue Bom? É lindo!



  5. Lalá, sua linda, please, tente descobrir que batom é esse que a personagem da Paola Oliveira usa em Amor à Vida. É um clarinho, com um fundo um pouquinho laranja. Tenho perdido meu sono por causa desse batom… kkk. #alocka

  6. Lalá, sua linda, please, tente descobrir que batom é esse que a personagem da Paola Oliveira usa em Amor à Vida. É um clarinho, com um fundo um pouquinho laranja. Tenho perdido meu sono por causa desse batom. #alocka
    E e minhas amigas queremos saber a referência.

  7. Lála amore preciso de um favorzão migaaaaa!
    Va vasculhei tudinho mas não consigo achar o nome do Batom que a atriz Fernanda Machado a Leila da novela Amor à vida. Lálá é um marronzinho bem sequinho lindo de morrer! Amiga descobre para mim,tenho uma festa para ir na semana que vem e adoraia usar um assim amiga!! Beijokas Lalá!!! <3

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  46. Prasat Hin Phanom Rung, Buriram
    The symbol of Buriram and the emblem of the famous football team in the province. It is an ancient Khmer castle that has been well preserved. It is another important place in Thailand. and is classified as a great archaeological and architectural site Located in Chaloem Phrakiat District The base of the site is the summit of an ancient extinct volcano. This is the origin of the name “Phanom Rung” which is distorted from the Khmer language which has a similar pronunciation. It means “big mountain” and represents Khao Krailas, the dwelling place of Lord Shiva. The god of Brahmanism (Siva cult). This stone castle is thought to have been built during the 15th Buddhist century. In addition, every year between 3-5 April and between 8-10 September there will be a natural phenomenon of the first light of day. Go through 15 doors in the morning and between 6-8 March and between 6-8 October there is a natural phenomenon, the last light of the day through 15 doors in the evening, which is a particularly busy season for tourists.


  47. winter in thailand In addition to sleeping in a tent, watching the sea of ​​fog or watching the winter flowers bloom. Another thing that cannot be missed is tasting fresh strawberries from the farm and Chiang Mai is a province that has many strawberry farms. Let us choose to see, taste, shop to the fullest.

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  60. Coral Island is a very popular place for those who love the beauty of the sea and marine activities. Because it is not far from Rawai beach, just 10 minutes by speedboat. Also, Koh Hey There are also nearby islands. Also known as Banana Beach, there are interesting marine activities such as parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, banana boats. Hundreds of species and complete coral reefs There is also a restaurant and a small bar for chilling out.13/09/2021 BY:ศุภดา https://ipro191.com/

  61. Patong Beach is a beach in Kathu District. Phuket Province It is the most famous beach in Phuket. It is a beach equipped with ameniies such as hotels, restaurants, dive shops, water sports equipment shops and many more to serve tourists. With a beach length of more than 4 kilometers and complete facilities. Patong is therefore the most popular beach to visit. But during the covid situation Patong Beach has become a lonely beach. and not as bustling as before Almost every shop on the beach road is closed. It has become a beautiful, peaceful beach, white sand, blue sea, and chic beach decoration props to take photos.13/09/2021 BY:ศุภดา https://ipro191.com/

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