Prêmio Contigo de TV

Quem ama o tapete vermelho aqui no Brasil? O/ Acaba de acontecer o Prêmio Contigo de TV e gente não pode deixar de conferir os looks das famosas. Vamos aos nossos favoritos? AMEI o look renda + transparente da Professora Helena (Rosanne Mulholland)Isabeli Fontana ahazou nesse azul cobalto e suas fendas! Marina Ruy Barbosa e Giovanna Lancellotti foram de esmerada by Patricia Bonaldi. A cor do ano! Carolina Dieckmann optou pela renda branca de Leticia Bronstein.

Qual foi o seu look favorito? Acho que vou de Isabeli Fontana. E você? Conta aí!


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  1. Queria saber o q a Isabel Fillardis passa no rosto, que ele fica sempre muito mais escuro que o corpo, parece montagem, mto feio rsrs

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  3. Genie of Tod Laplae

    Janey of Tod Laplae The famous fried food shop in Laplae town that should not be missed. Open for sale for more than 30 years. The shop is located on the road. Rat-U-Thit Road Soi 1, which is the location of many local restaurants. Along the way, you will see only rice and vegetable stalls, noodles, and coffee shops. The highlight of the shop is that everything is fried and eaten with a delicious sauce Paying attention to always changing the oil and using the freshest ingredients day by day. The famous fried food menu is bamboo shoots stuffed with minced pork battered and fried. Fresh bamboo shoots are boiled, cut into quarters, stuffed with crunchy battered minced pork and deep fried. Eating with dipping sauce is a unique and unique dish. Janey of Tod Laplae is open daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
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  4. Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahisorn Phakdi Museum

    It is about 200 meters from Kantang Municipality. Another important historical attraction is “Juan Kao Trang Governor” or the former residence of Trang governor Phraya Ratsadanupradit. It is a 2-storey wooden house with a full range of wax statues and tools for your daily life. by the heirs of the Na Ranong family as a caretaker

    Opening hours : open every day Monday off (If it falls on a public holiday, open as usual and offset on the following day) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
    Address: Kantang Subdistrict, Kantang District, Trang Province
    11-07-2021 BY hunny Go to website:

  5. Khai Island
    is located between Koh Tarutao and Koh Adang. 25 kilometers from Koh Tarutao, it has a distinctive feature, which is a natural stone arch that arches from the sand. The white sandy beach is peaceful and is a nesting point for sea turtles.
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  6. Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam
    Khun Dan Prakan Chon Dam Formerly known as Khlong Tha Dan Dam, it is the longest compacted concrete dam in Thailand and the world, located at Ban Tha Dan, Hin Tang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Nayok Province. It is a dam with beautiful views, suitable for relaxing and enjoying the view. built in line His Majesty’s Royal Initiative to store water during the rainy season in the dry season and control the flooding of people’s houses Fields and agricultural areas in the rainy season by building to cover the original Tha Dan weir

    More information
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  7. Any young woman who has the intention to exercise to burn fat. But there are physical obstacles There may be problems with tiredness or breathlessness. It is recommended to try walking for about 10 minutes. It will help your body to be as strong as other exercise methods. Today we have compiled 10 benefits from walking for 10 minutes a day to share with girls. I have read. Guaranteed to be more than burning fat for sure.
    ขิม 13/7


  8. เรื่องราวของเรา มันก็คงเหมือนเส้นขนาน จริงอยู่เราไม่เคยห่างกันไปไหน แต่เราก็ไม่เคยบรรจบกันได้


  9. Who went to Incheon? You must not miss to come and try the rides at “Wolmi Theme Park” located on the seafront on Wolmi Island, formerly known as Myland Amusement Park. and then it was restored and renamed it Wolmi Theme Park Within Wolmi Theme Park, there are various rides to choose from. There are both players that are terrifying. and not fearful Suitable as a tourist destination in South Korea for families.
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  10. I thought that you’d remember, but it seems that you forgot
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    Oh, yeah, I’m tired of always waiting, oh, yeah, yeah
    I see you changed your number, that’s why you don’t get my calls
    I gave you all of me, now you don’t wanna be involved
    Oh, yeah, yeah, I really gotta face it, oh, yeah, yeah
    ขิม 22/7

  11. Great Blue Hole
    Belize Blue Giant Hole The country is on the East Coast of Central America. Caribbean Seaside The hole is about 60 miles off the Belize coast, 984 feet in diameter and about 410 feet deep. Presumably, it was formed in the Ice Age, and it’s one of seven holes that divers rank among the most diving places in the world.

  12. Pamukkale
    The underground mineral stream flows into a limestone puddle, like a beautiful natural infinity pool. This is caused by a phenomenon in which the sediments of limestone react to the air. There are underground mineral streams that have spilled up on the surface, including limestone puddles that have been reduced. It is 300 meters wide and more than 3 kilometers long before flowing down from a 100-meter high cliff.2-8-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  13. Royal temple in the area of ​​the Grand Palace It is one of the first tourist destinations in the country that was revealed to the world when tourism was first promoted. Born in Thailand 50 years ago, in addition to its importance as a place where the Buddha Maha Mani Rattana Patimakorn “Phra Kaew Morakot”, the architecture of many eras that has been built from generation to generation. And the magnificent decorations are unique and attractive. especially the mural paintings around the balcony Ramayana, the most magnificent and longest in the world,

    +++เดซี่ 6/8/64+++

  14. Hinoki Land Chiang Mai Province
    Travel to Japan near Chai Prakan, who likes the atmosphere of Japan. Must be here. Hinoki Land, the first Hinoki wooden kingdom. and the only one in Thailand which does not have to go to Japan at all because he brought it to Chiang Mai and then Especially during this comfortable travel time. The weather must be good. suitable for traveling And it’s very photogenic.

    +++เดซี่ 8/8/64+++

  15. Doi Pui Luang, Mae Hong Son Province
    Doi Pui Luang in Mae Ngao National Park It is a search for another beautiful sea of ​​mist in Thailand. The more I get to go in winter, the image of the sea of ​​clouds that clings tightly together. including beautiful golden fields big sun and the coldness that is the atmosphere of traveling in the forest Here is the splendor of the mountains in the form of a sea of ​​mist. and golden fields It is a new natural attraction that is still waiting for everyone to experience for themselves. I can assure you that the sea of ​​clouds is really beautiful, really beautiful.


  16. At the Phang Nga Provincial Government Center, Tham Nam Phut Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phang Nga Province, at the office of Mr. Thammanoon, Deputy Governor of Phang Nga Province made a statement to the media in the case in Phang Nga Province Postpone the launch August 1 64 NGA with a program open to tourism , foreigners can visit in Phang Nga province, originally scheduled for the third area is the geographical area. The Long Island area of Phang Nga Bay, including his nails – they leaned. Kan, Koh Panyee and the area along the beach from Khao Pilai Beach – Ban Nam Khem (Amphoe Takua Thung, Amphoe Thai Mueang, Amphoe Takua Pa) by the Deputy Governor of Phang Nga Province, has informed that after assessing the situation of readiness in the area, especially the number of people infected with Covid in tourist attractionsThe Andaman Zone Found that the number of infected people has increased. In addition, the availability of technology An application to track tourists and the confidence of local residents towards foreign tourists causing the province to consider requesting a postponement, which will be proposed to the Prof. And the Andaman Province group has developed a communication system, various applications. including measures for tourists Initially known from the report of Phang Nga Province Tourism Industry Council The hotel operators accommodation in the area of ​​Phang Nga Province There will be about 10,000 tourists staying in August-September 2021, earning approximately 2,180.1 million baht.
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  17. Floating Market 4 Regions, Chonburi Province ❀
    It is a cultural conservation attraction. and is the center of a variety of activities related to preserving art and culture It brings good things from all 4 regions here. It can be called a charm. and new colors in Pattaya andicraft products, sightseeing spots such as sunflower fields, wood carving museum. Including performances, activities, lifestyle, traditions, Thai culture or a boat trip to see the scenery of the floating market. Reminisce about the history of Thai agriculture at the demonstration farm and Thai herbs It is a learning tour. To tourists, both Thais and foreigners. Come here worth the holiday. All in one place.11-8-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  18. A hacker group called RansomEXX has hacked into Gigabyte’s servers and encrypted some of their data. Unlock those data, which if Gigabyte kept a backup there should be no problem except the risk of data leaks.
    More than 112 GB of data was obtained by the hackers, and is likely information about Intel and AMD’s next-generation products and security information about the motherboard’s UEFI, BIOS, TPM, and if this information is leaked. Going out via Gigabyte should work.
    The problem of hackers hacking corporate data is ever increasing, with both gaming and tech companies all over the world. We’ll have to keep an eye on whether Gigabyte will pay the ransom or not and the data will come out. We have to wait and see.
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  19. 1A hacker group called RansomEXX has hacked into Gigabyte’s servers and encrypted some of their data. Unlock those data, which if Gigabyte kept a backup there should be no problem except the risk of data leaks.
    More than 112 GB of data was obtained by the hackers, and is likely information about Intel and AMD’s next-generation products and security information about the motherboard’s UEFI, BIOS, TPM, and if this information is leaked. Going out via Gigabyte should work.
    The problem of hackers hacking corporate data is ever increasing, with both gaming and tech companies all over the world. We’ll have to keep an eye on whether Gigabyte will pay the ransom or not and the data will come out. We have to wait and see.
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  20. The design of the diamond jewelry collection “The Moment of Love” comes with a modern design that lined up 99 E Color white diamonds together by designing three rows of diamonds in one piece of jewelry. and add a distinctive gimmick by adding intermittent diamonds So when you wear it, you can both look sweet and chic at the same time. Make it look charming, attractive and at the same time mesmerizing the shine of diamonds. This design is suitable for women of all ages and is suitable as a gift for all festivals and important occasions.
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  21. Samsung launched 2 new smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, which are the 3rd generation of these devices that are more durable and further optimized for foldable experiences compared to their predecessors. From iconic design to immersive entertainment, Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 offer users unique new ways to work, watch, and play and they will be available locally in Thailand from August 12 onwards.
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  22. All in all, NVIDIA believes Arm’s vast and diverse ecosystem will help bring more clarity to their leading graphics chip and AI-powered platform capabilities. It also increases the opportunity for accelerating the development of various innovations. for the era of artificial intelligence Expand the market to another level

    Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said, “AI is the most powerful technology of our generation. And it also allows for new types of processing. Over the next few years, trillions of computers around the world will run on AI and enable the IoT era that is thousands of times larger than the IoP (Internet of People) today.
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  23. Singapore is a small and geographically island country. Relying on economic wealth and state-of-the-art technology to solve the problem of limited resources. and has always been successful And the latest can manage to provide more drinking water to the people as well.

    The gigantic water pump that rumbles from the basement of a Singapore factory is a machine that turns wastewater into clean water of good quality enough for people to consume while helping the government take measures to reduce pollution. can go inside too
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  24. Wat Hua Khuang is located on Maha Phrom Road. Mueang Nan District Near the Nan National Museum is another beautiful old temple in Nan. Both the viharn and the chedi are characterized by local Lanna arts. A family of Nan craftsmen with exquisite craftsmanship. There is also a prominent ancient shrine in the middle of the temple. It looks like a temple but is small. and tall, gable, and the upper lid decorated with beautiful carvings


  25. Mon Jam, a mountain that can go up to feel the cold wind natural view of green mountains Ready to take pictures with various kinds of flowers Visit a strawberry farm Shop for Doi products. traditional clothes Mon Chaem winter vegetable and fruit plants Can travel all year round If you want to see the beautiful sea of ​​fog, full of fullness It is recommended to visit during the rainy season, which this season still has some flowers to see. But if you want to see beautiful and dense winter flowers, you must come in winter. Mon Jam has many accommodation services.


  26. Doi Mon Ngao is located in Mae Taeng District. It is a natural attraction that can see the alternating mountain peaks and cascades as far as the eye can see. Visitors will experience nature. and cold Watch the morning sun rise and the beautiful sea of ​​mist stretches along the valley for several kilometers.


  27. District on the Mekong River in Loei Province One of the most popular destinations Suitable for relaxing on a chill day, and although during the latter part of Chiang Khan there will be tourists coming to visit and crammed. But that cannot remove the charm of the small wooden houses and the way of life of the villagers. who are always ready to welcome tourists The must-do activity when coming to Chiang Khan is offering alms to monks. and shopping at Chiang Khan Walking Street Another colorful night tour

    **************Rufee 20/8/64*************

  28. A woman in Florida who was being held hostage by her boyfriend was able to save herself from harm when she ordered an online pizza with a secret message saying she was being held hostage. While Cheryl Treadway was being held at knifepoint by her angry boyfriend, she convinced him to give back her phone so she could order a pizza using a Pizza Hut smartphone app. In the order’s “Comments” section, she wrote “Please help. Get 911 to me!” The Pizza Hut worker who saw the message in the order then called the police, who went to the hostage’s house and arrested her boyfriend. “We’ve never seen that before,” said Candy Hamilton, the Pizza Hut manager. “I’ve been here 28 years and I’ve never, ever seen anything like that come through.”
    Ars Technica
    By Hunny to

  29. A woman in the U.S. state of Wisconsin was asked to leave a McDonald’s because she was attempting to patronize the restaurant accompanied by her pet kangaroo. A customer at the restaurant called the police, who then asked the woman to leave. The woman, who was a cancer patient, told police that the kangaroo was a “service animal” to help her deal with the emotional distress of her illness, and showed police a doctor’s note as proof. The police officer said the woman, who lives on a farm with several other exotic animals, was upset at first, but then agreed to leave the eatery.
    The Daily Meal
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  30. A private school in Bangkok has suspended all classes for one week, after a grade-6 schoolboy and thirteen of his classmates have tested positive for the H1N1 influenza. The pupil developed flu symptoms and had no record of traveling abroad, unlike other flu patients who had traveled to the United States before showing signs of the virus. In Pattaya, 21 nightclub workers have also tested positive, after two Taiwanese tourists developed flu symptoms upon their return to Taiwan from the Thai beach resort town. The World Health Organization has announced the first flu pandemic in 40 years after a sharp increase in reported cases of infection worldwide. Australia alone has reported more than 1,200 new cases of infection over the past week.
    The Nation
    ก้อง 22/08/64

  31. Sagano Bamboo Forest is another tourist attraction that tourists should visit once if they come to Japan. We can walk to see the bamboo forest along the pathway that has been provided for a distance of 500 meters. Along both sides of the walkway are tall bamboo trees. And along the way, tourists will enjoy the sound of colored bamboo when the wind blows. It is the most beautiful natural sound to describe.

    ****เดซี่ 22/8/64

  32. This is another place where we can see beautiful views. without having to climb the mountain to get tired Because there is a cable car that can carry up to 101 passengers to the top of Mt. Tsurumi, the height of 1,375 meters in 10 minutes. From there, we can see the surrounding view of Beppu, Mt. Yufu and Kuju as well. For the best time. In the trip is When the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom

    ****มินนี่ 22/8/64

  33. Khao Wong Phrachan Temple It can be said that it is another temple that is like the center of the mind of the people of Lop Buri that has it all. On the top of the mountain is the enshrined of the real Buddha’s footprint. (4th footprint) and is also a proof of faith Because in order to go up, one has to go through a long, endless staircase. with a total of 3,790 steps at once

    ****Fiastar 23/8/64

  34. Elections in Thailand may be delayed from an expected December date into the next year. CNS leader Gen. Sonthi Boonyaratglin said Meechai Ruchuphan, speaker of the National Legislative Assembly, told him that complications could force the delay of the polls. “I asked Mr. Meechai if it is possible to hold the election this year,” Sonthi said. “He told me it is hard to say when looking at the schedule. He is not sure if the elections can take place even in December.” Also contributing to a possible delay in holding new polls is the fact that the necessary electoral legislation has yet to be approved by the legislature.
    ก้อง 23/08/64

  35. Leaked documents by a whistleblower have provided details that the US National Security Agency has targeted popular smartphone-based social games such as “Candy Crush” and “Angry Birds” to obtain personal information. The data gained from the apps include phone numbers, e-mails and codes that identify the user’s device. The Facebook and Google apps that were most heavily targeted included Google Plus, Pinterest, “Candy Crush,” and Angry Birds. The agency obtained the data by targeting the advertising services that display ads on the apps and games.

  36. สองพี่น้องที่บ้านไม่มีไฟฟ้าใช้ ต้องเดินเท้า 1 กม. เสียค่าชาร์จมือถือ 10 บาทไว้เรียนออนไลน์
    สองพี่น้องเรียนออนไลน์แบบทุกข์ทรมาน ทั้งครอบครัวมีโทรศัพท์เครื่องเดียว แถมบ้านไม่มีไฟฟ้า ต้องเดินเท้า 1 กิโลเมตรเช่าชาร์จโทรศัพท์ แล้วมาแบ่งกันเรียน แม่เผย 5 ครอบครัวไม่มีไฟฟ้านาน 30 ปี ร้องขอไม่มีใครสนใจ ขณะไฟฟ้าชี้ไม่มีผู้นำท้องถิ่นมายื่นเอกสาร พร้อมช่วยเหลือ

    วานนี้ (23 ส.ค.) ผู้สื่อข่าวได้รับการร้องเรียนจากชาวบ้านโคกระกา หมู่ 1 ต.ปราสาท อ.บ้านกรวด จ.บุรีรัมย์ ว่า พบชาวบ้านจำนวน 5 หลังคาเรือน ไม่มีไฟฟ้าใช้มานานกว่า 30 ปี และกำลังเป็นทุกข์อย่างหนักในช่วงที่มีการเรียนออนไลน์
    ก้อง 24/08/64

  37. South Korea convenience store chain Withme FS has released the Gyeondyo-bar – a grapefruit-flavored ice cream dessert that is claimed to help those suffering from hangovers. The ice cream contains a small amount of oriental raisin tree fruit juice, which some Koreans believe is a natural remedy to combat the effects of ingesting too much alcohol. The Gyeondyo-bar is the newest of many mass-marketed hangover cures in South Korea, which has the highest level of per-capita alcohol consumption in Asia at 12.3 liters per year. Similar products include drinks, pills and cosmetics for women who want to rejuvenate their skin after a drunken night out.
    ก้อง 26/08/64

  38. From the land of war in the past to the land of tourism today. Khao Kho is one of the destinations that tourists tend to think of during the rainy season and early winter. It is famous for its cold weather and sea of ​​mists. There are also beautiful places to visit. many more here

    ****fias 26/8/64

  39. Foreign journalists based in Thailand are planning to gather in Bangkok Tuesday for an event in support of Alan Johnston, a reporter for the BBC who was kidnapped at gun point in Gaza City seven weeks ago. Similar events are expected to take place in Beijing and Jakarta later this week. Since Johnson was seized, there has been no direct information on his fate. There have been widespread protests about the kidnapping in the UK and Israel, and in the West Bank and Gaza. Johnson had lived and worked in Gaza for three years and was the only Western reporter permanently based in the often violent and lawless territory.
    ก้อง 28/08/64

  40. Yayoi organizes a great promotion for 7 great menus, buy 1 get 1 free
    Yayoi opens a great promotion for 7 famous menus, buy 1 get 1 free, priced at less than 200 baht, worth the price. Starting from 12-16 August 2021, only buy it home. and delivery onlyRead more >>> By ชาเขียว 2/9Go To WebSite

  41. Collection of cute famous souvenirs from all over Japan that you will not be able to resist.
    Have you ever felt that buying souvenirs when traveling abroad is sometimes difficult? Enter that shop, leave this shop. Or did you accidentally buy it because you didn’t know what to buy? But if the country that goes to Japan and what it is As mentioned above, you can let it pass. Read more >>> By wila 2/9

  42. Limited series project series Tham Luang cave rescue operation Is another event that Thai people have been watching since the beginning of the latest news today (1 September) Netflix launched a team of actors in the series. ‘Tham Luang cave rescue operation’ with Beam-Papangkorn Rerkchalermphot from the series Kwang to play the leading role of the important character ‘Coach Ek’ and is another challenging project of director Bass. -Nattawut Poonpiriya from Smartke…
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  43. Trey Parker (Trey Parker) and Matt Stone (Matt Stone), the creators of the hit animated comedy sitcom South Park, have renewed their contracts with collaboration ViacomCBS. Since 1997, new episodes of South Park will continue to air on Comedy Central until 2027. Not only that. The contract also states that they will make a movie that claims…
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  44. Khlong Sok Bamboo Raft
    This is another place in the country that Thai people do not know much about, but there are a lot of foreigners. The highlight is wearing a mong (rattan hat) and rafting on bamboo rafts like a queen along the Sok canal that cuts through the forest. Admire the view of strange limestone mountains Ready to flirt with your fingers, sip tea, coffee, and enjoy the atmosphere. Oh … insanely beautiful. This activity takes about an hour, but the happy times always pass by quickly.


  45. hung Wua Laen Beach
    It is a beautiful beach known as Pathio District. Located at Moo 8, Saphli Sub-district, Pathio District, Chumphon Province, is a beach with fine white sand. stretching as far as the eye can see It is a shallow water beach that slowly slopes down gradually, wide beach, suitable for swimming. Popular with tourists


  46. Khao Matsee
    Khao Matsee Viewpoint on the path Chumphon-Pak Nam-Sai Beach This is a tourist attraction, viewpoint, scenery. Another interesting place of Chumphon can see the scenery 360 degrees, can see the Pak Nam Chumphon community and the beach of Chumphon Sea, especially in the evening when the sun is very beautiful. The viewpoint area has a coffee shop with a balcony to see the scenery as well.


  47. Koh Langkajiu & Koh Kula
    Langka Jiu Island is located in the sea on the Gulf of Thailand. In the area of ​​Sairee Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chumphon Province, it is a small island that has received bird’s nest concessions from Mu Ko Chumphon National Park. But allow tourists to visit. The area around the island of Langka Jew is dense and very beautiful coral reefs. The water is beautiful, clear, so coral reefs can be seen from the beach. The sandy beach was clean and white. quiet atmosphere


  48. Prime Minister reiterates not to fine the cabinet, rejects “Prawit”, neglects to abandon the power of the People’s Republic
    The Prime Minister confirmed that the flooding problem in many areas has never been blamed on anyone, but will do better. Reiterating that the cabinet has not been revised even though the position is vacant. Because there are people who are already working, rejecting “Prawit”, discouraged by the Democratic Party. Read more >>> By wila 13/9

  49. 85-year-old grandfather, first injection of Astra, suddenly became paralyzed in bed. Even though I used to be strong
    Grandfather’s daughter revealed that I want the responsible agency Came to check that the cause is like this. Is it from vaccination? But everyone in the family believed that was the case. and confirmed that the father who used to be very strong Become paralyzed because of the first injection for sureRead more >>> By ชาเขียว 13/9

  50. A 14-year-old girl came to testify about the tragic incident of being beaten by a 12-year-old boy before being dragged and raped.
    Most recently, the two families were unable to negotiate. The man insisted that he did not do as he was accused of. Therefore, further prosecution is required to prove the truth.Read more >>> By ชาเขียว 13/9

  51. We live in an imperfect world, and imperfect people surround us every day.
    เราอาศัยอยู่ในโลกที่ไม่สมบูรณ์ และก็ผู้คนที่ไม่สมบูรณ์นั่นแหละที่รายล้อมเราอยู่ทุกวัน
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  52. Life is like a roller coaster, live it, be happy, enjoy life.
    ชีวิตก็เหมือนรถไฟเหาะ ใช้ชีวิตให้มีความสุข แล้วก็สนุกกับชีวิต
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  53. A lot of times it takes me a long time to go shopping at the supermarket, mainly because I am forgetful. Even if I try to write it down in my hand, what is missing at home right now? When I actually got to the Superstore, I forgot to bring it up. (I told you that I’m forgetful) Keep walking. look at various products upstairs is a reminder that “Eh… the dishwashing liquid at home is out of stock. Oh, and then bring…
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  54. After a long debate over the structure and interior of the Great Pyramids of Giza. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World that still towers over time today. Recently, a team of explorers and researchers have discovered a more mysterious and intriguing mystery. After a large chamber was discovered inside the pyramid, the…
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