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Oi, meninas! Tudo bem? Esse post é daqueles que a gente levanta as mãos animadinha. Eu AMO Kate Spade New York! Ai somar meu amor + promoção de até 50% de desconto é muito show! Fiz uma seleção das peças que mais amei, mas são poucas. Tem muita coisa bacana no site (clique aqui para ver). Os vestidos são um super investimento. Você fica linda a qualquer hora. Sem falar nas bolsas são muuuito charmosas! Essa de com desenho de coktail é muito fofa!
É bom aproveitar, hein?

Como muitas meninas ficam perdidas em posts desse tipo, fiz links diretos para as minhas peças escolhidas. Então é só clicar no nome da peça e conferir! Have fun!

kate spade
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  2. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is basically a video game where you can do anything you want. Second life is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you would like to see more you can see these second life articles and blogs

  3. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is basically a game where you can do anything you want. SL is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you would like to see more you can see these Second Life websites and blogs

  4. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is basically a video game where you can do anything you want. SL is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these Second Life websites and blogs

  5. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a online game where you can do anything you want. SL is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these Second Life websites and blogs

  6. A temple that has sentimental value for children of Korat and Thai people in every province. because when “Luang Por Koon” was still alive Villagers and people from all over the country come to pay respects. Asking for a good gift from Luang Por Koon. to make a trade and also visit the temple that are beautifully decorated There is a hall of Thep Wittayakom that is outstanding It is an elephant sculpture building. There is also a museum hall that exhibits knowledge. History of Wat Ban Rai For tourists visiting Korat Almost everyone who came to pay respects to remember Luang Pho Koon. if you don’t have to come down If passing through the temple will honk the horn to tell Luang Por Koon in a row
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  7. Tunnel of Love
    Tunnel of Love is one of Ukraine’s most famous tourist attractions. It is a beautifully tree-built railway tunnel located in Klevan, a small town in Rivne region, a province located in western Ukraine. See this romantically, don’t tell anyone. It is recommended to save money and prepare to take a pre-wedding photo shoot here.


  8. Great Blue Hole
    Belize Blue Giant Hole The country is on the East Coast of Central America. Caribbean Seaside The hole is about 60 miles off the Belize coast, 984 feet in diameter and about 410 feet deep. Presumably, it was formed in the Ice Age, and it’s one of seven holes that divers rank among the most diving places in the world.

  9. Hinoki Land Chiang Mai Province
    Travel to Japan near Chai Prakan, who likes the atmosphere of Japan. Must be here. Hinoki Land, the first Hinoki wooden kingdom. and the only one in Thailand which does not have to go to Japan at all because he brought it to Chiang Mai and then Especially during this comfortable travel time. The weather must be good. suitable for traveling And it’s very photogenic.

    +++เดซี่ 8/8/64+++

  10. Doi Pui Luang, Mae Hong Son Province
    Doi Pui Luang in Mae Ngao National Park It is a search for another beautiful sea of ​​mist in Thailand. The more I get to go in winter, the image of the sea of ​​clouds that clings tightly together. including beautiful golden fields big sun and the coldness that is the atmosphere of traveling in the forest Here is the splendor of the mountains in the form of a sea of ​​mist. and golden fields It is a new natural attraction that is still waiting for everyone to experience for themselves. I can assure you that the sea of ​​clouds is really beautiful, really beautiful.


  11. The situation of covids in the past two waves, there are still some unaffected tourists come to visit. Latest since early July In the past, it was found that tourists from the provinces can almost be called zero. No tourists came up to visit at all. During the weekend, there will be some for Chiang Mai tourists. Come up for a round trip only. As for overnight rentals, it can almost be said to have lost almost 99 percent. Some of the rest are people in Chiang Mai who only come to stay overnight. Most importantly, there are no advance reservations due to the ongoing crisis of the Covid-19 crisis. Thus, now the atmosphere at Doi Mon Cham will find that along the road that used to be bustling, there are many tourists’ cars that are almost gone.
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  12. Phi Phi Island, Krabi Province ❀
    Phi Phi Island is an island that has a marine attraction that must be said to be the most awesome. It is an island located in the area of ​​Hat Nopparat Thara – Phi Phi Islands National Park. Krabi It is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea, divided into 2 large islands, Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Ley. Phi Phi Island is known as the “Ethamerald of the Andaman” full of bright sea. white sandy beach and is another islan round The highlight of Phi Phi Island is crystal clear emerald green water. Maya Bay is surrounded by limestone mountains. And is a diving point – shallow water with beautiful coral.
    11-8-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  13. A hacker group called RansomEXX has hacked into Gigabyte’s servers and encrypted some of their data. Unlock those data, which if Gigabyte kept a backup there should be no problem except the risk of data leaks.
    More than 112 GB of data was obtained by the hackers, and is likely information about Intel and AMD’s next-generation products and security information about the motherboard’s UEFI, BIOS, TPM, and if this information is leaked. Going out via Gigabyte should work.
    The problem of hackers hacking corporate data is ever increasing, with both gaming and tech companies all over the world. We’ll have to keep an eye on whether Gigabyte will pay the ransom or not and the data will come out. We have to wait and see.
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  14. Khao Cha-ang straddles the canal
    Khao Cha-ang Cross Khlong, located in Khao Noi Subdistrict, Khao Chamao District, Rayong Province, is a tourist destination that is very popular with tourists. Because the unique feature is that there is a canal under the mountain. The villagers called this place that “Khao Cha-ang straddles the canal13-08-2021 by hunny go to website:

  15. The design of the diamond jewelry collection “The Moment of Love” comes with a modern design that lined up 99 E Color white diamonds together by designing three rows of diamonds in one piece of jewelry. and add a distinctive gimmick by adding intermittent diamonds So when you wear it, you can both look sweet and chic at the same time. Make it look charming, attractive and at the same time mesmerizing the shine of diamonds. This design is suitable for women of all ages and is suitable as a gift for all festivals and important occasions.
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  16. Samsung launched 2 new smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, which are the 3rd generation of these devices that are more durable and further optimized for foldable experiences compared to their predecessors. From iconic design to immersive entertainment, Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 offer users unique new ways to work, watch, and play and they will be available locally in Thailand from August 12 onwards.
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  17. All in all, NVIDIA believes Arm’s vast and diverse ecosystem will help bring more clarity to their leading graphics chip and AI-powered platform capabilities. It also increases the opportunity for accelerating the development of various innovations. for the era of artificial intelligence Expand the market to another level

    Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said, “AI is the most powerful technology of our generation. And it also allows for new types of processing. Over the next few years, trillions of computers around the world will run on AI and enable the IoT era that is thousands of times larger than the IoP (Internet of People) today.
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  18. As of March 9, 2021, Microsoft Edge Legacy will be another browser that Microsoft has announced to end support for its security features.

    For users of the Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy browsers who will be impacted by the end of support announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that they will facilitate the transition process in terms of product usability. The company’s new browser, New Microsoft Edge, is as ‘simple’ and ‘smooth’ as ​​possible.
    Read more >>> By wila 18/8

  19. Singapore is a small and geographically island country. Relying on economic wealth and state-of-the-art technology to solve the problem of limited resources. and has always been successful And the latest can manage to provide more drinking water to the people as well.

    The gigantic water pump that rumbles from the basement of a Singapore factory is a machine that turns wastewater into clean water of good quality enough for people to consume while helping the government take measures to reduce pollution. can go inside too
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  20. Cha Lung Det is located in Mae Taeng District. It is a tea plantation that is convenient to travel. Located not far from Chiang Mai city. It is a beautiful tea plantation that curves along the hillside. In the morning, you can watch the mist from the front of the accommodation. It is one of the places in the Doi Mon Ngoga travel route. You can travel both for one day, visit tea plantations, sip coffee, eat or stay overnight to experience the atmosphere. Watching the morning mist is not less good.


  21. Ban Mae Mae is located in Chiang Dao District. It is famous for the tree house homestay, which is a large thatched roof wooden house that sits close to the forest. You can see the lush green trees growing together in a dense crowd. Saw the peaceful atmosphere of nature around the country. The highlight of visiting Ban Mae Mae is to relax in the midst of nature.


  22. Police in Philadelphia in the US state of Pennsylvania say they are looking for a man who robbed a convenience store by using a banana in his pocket to simulate a gun. The surveillance video shows the suspect stealing a banana from the counter by the cash register while waiting in line. He then placed the banana in his front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and pointed it toward the cashier. Saying he had a gun, the man demanded cash and cigarettes before riding off on his bike. According to police, the banana gunman is still at large.
    By Hunny to

  23. The first rail link between Thailand and Laos has recently opened and will offer four services daily across the Mekong River. The 3.5-kilometer track connects Thailand’s Nong Khai province and Laos’ Tha Naleng station and will be extended further to the capital Vientiane in the near future. The 197 million baht (about US$5.4 million) project was financed by Thailand. The Laotian government plans to build further links to Luang Prabang and to Boten near its northern border with China. The services are expected to ferry around 500 passengers across the Thai-Lao border every day. The fares for the 15-minute journey vary from between 20 and 80 baht. Passengers who do not have a passport can obtain a temporary border pass from officials at the border checkpoints.
    ก้อง 22/08/64

  24. winter in thailand In addition to sleeping in a tent, watching the sea of ​​fog or watching the winter flowers bloom. Another thing that cannot be missed is tasting fresh strawberries from the farm and Chiang Mai is a province that has many strawberry farms. Let us choose to see, taste, shop to the fullest.

    ****Fiastar 23/8/64

  25. More than 10,000 Thais demonstrated in Bangkok on Saturday to demand an end to the military-imposed government, with many calling for a return of deposed premier Thaksin Shinawatra. Some protesters wore T-shirts emblazoned with the face of Thaksin. Police had banned protesters from marching outside the plaza, but the crowd defied the ban and walked to the army headquarters some three kilometers away from Sanam Luang plaza. The police formed two large human barricades to prevent the protesters from reaching the army building, but each barricade was peacefully dispersed following negotiations between officers and rally leaders. As they marched towards the headquarters, the crowd shouted: “Thaksin come back! CNS Get Out!” Pro-Thaksin groups have said they will continue daily demonstrations until a major anti-junta rally scheduled for June 24.
    ก้อง 23/08/64

  26. A new theme park called “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” will open in Osaka Japan in late 2014. The sprawling attraction will be modeled after a theme park that opened at Universal Orlando Resort in 2010, in the US state of Florida. The Osaka attraction will feature replicas of famous Harry Potter landmarks such as Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade Village. The harry Potter series is very popular in Japan. The films have grossed about $900 million at the box office and attracted more than 78 million moviegoers.
    Art Info

  27. อยู่มา 7 ปี! นายกฯ สวีเดน ประกาศลาออกจากตำแหน่ง เดือนพฤศจิกายนนี้สตอกโฮล์ม, 23 ส.ค. (ซินหัว) — เมื่อวันอาทิตย์ (22 ส.ค.) สเตฟาน เลิฟเวียน นายกรัฐมนตรีสวีเดนและหัวหน้าพรรคสังคมนิยมประชาธิปไตย (SAP) กล่าวว่า เขาจะลาออกจากตำแหน่งหัวหน้าพรรคฯ และนายกรัฐมนตรีในเดือนพฤศจิกายน โดยเลิฟเวียนเปิดเผยประกาศดังกล่าวอย่างกะทันหันระหว่างการกล่าวสุนทรพจน์ฤดูร้อนประจำปี
    ก้อง 24/08/64

  28. A man in Hungary who just bought a Ferrari wrecked the brand-new sports car just minutes after leaving the car dealership. A video shows the Ferrari, which cost more than £1 million (54.1 million baht), suddenly veering off the road and smashing into parked cars. It is not clear how the accident happened, but it appears that the driver was unprepared for car’s enormous horsepower, and lost control of the car when he accelerated too hard trying to change lanes. Luckily, no one was injured in the accident.
    ก้อง 26/08/64

  29. A bomb went off in a phone booth Saturday night near the King’s Chitralada Palace in Bangkok, wounding one man. Police say they have found no clues about the identity of the bomber, but have set up 84 checkpoints in risk-prone areas in the capital. Searches of vehicles and suspicious looking passersby will be conducted from nighttime until 5 am daily. Police Lt-Gen. Jongrak Jutanont, Assistant National Police Chief, said the bomber wished to stir up a sense of chaos in the country, not harm anyone.
    ก้อง 28/08/64

  30. Doi Mon Cham is very quiet and lonely without tourists. Many resorts are gradually closing down.
    Mon Chaem, a popular tourist attraction in Chiang Mai Very quiet today shadowless tourists The hardest to find photo in over 10 years. Read more >>> By ชาเขียว 2/9Go To WebSite

  31. Solve the secret of “100 yen shop”. How accurate is it? You have to ask Japanese people.
    Have you ever wondered why 100 yen stores can sell everything at 100 yen when some items are likely to be over 100 yen if bought from other stores? So how do you get so many kinds of things? Read more >>> By wila 2/9

  32. How to use green tea waste in ways that Thai people do not know
    Previously, we had already presented the use of green tea grounds for cooking. But green tea grounds are also useful in other areas that the author did not know before. Let’s learn how to use green tea grounds for Japanese use Read more >>> By wila 2/9

  33. For some, social media can be important. and cannot live without it. But as for artist Lorde, she’s stopped using social media to keep herself mentally healthy. Lorde shared her experience on The Late Late Show with James Corden, saying she has eliminated all social media from her cell phone. already Because she felt addicted to social media…
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  34. Racket Boys ended EP 16 with overwhelming feelings for series fans. that although there was a problem with filming Due to the severe Covid situation in South Korea Until it had to change the original broadcast plan to end at the end after the closing of the 2020 Olympic Games for a day, but one of the advantages is that It made the series fans to watch badminton at the 2020 Olympics more fun, more understandable. And secretly send my heart to cheer at…
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  35. Wat Chan Pine Forest The Forest Industry Organization (OPA) is located in Kalayani Vadhana District. Chiang Mai Province During the winter, this land in the middle of the valley shrouded in mist and cold wind Anyone who has fascinated by the beauty of the floating mist covering the pine trees and reservoirs. as well as the colors of the maple leaves that change colors in winter During January – February, combined with beautiful nature and comfortable homes. This makes it a popular destination for a quiet vacation. In addition to winter, if you come to visit in the rainy season, you will find with another atmosphere Green and refreshing in the style of tourism during the green season, which is equally beautiful.
    02/09/2021 By ศุภดา Go To WebSite

  36. Stunned, the baby’s corpse was scorched. The real work of young parents, 17 years old, claiming a miscarriage
    The police tracked down the CCTV footage. Until the baby’s parents were found, only 17 years old, claiming to have miscarried, the body was cremated and thrown away Read more >>> By wila 13/9

  37. FDA is considering registration Sino Farm Vaccine Injected in children from 3 years of age for no more than 30 days.
    FDA is in the process of considering for registration The “Sinofarm” vaccine can be given to children aged 3 years and older, with an expected duration of consideration up to 30 daysRead more >>> By ชาเขียว 13/9

  38. Hua Hin is shocked! 5-star luxury hotel, SHA+ standard, 15 restaurant staff infected with coronavirus
    5-star luxury hotel in Hua Hin Found 15 restaurant staff from chefs to dishwashers infected with #COVID19, collecting 15 people even passed the SHA+ quality checkRead more >>> By ชาเขียว 13/9

  39. Wherever you are in the world, if you look up to the sky, you will find the same moon. Especially on the night when the full moon is obscured by the shadow of the earth. In addition, there is a red light from the sun to dye it until it turns into a beautiful color that looks more strange than every night. This is the Super Blue Blood Moon phenomenon from around the world that THE STANDARD would like to invite to see together. Because the beauty of the moon is not only for one person to see …
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  40. Bill Gates, the American billionaire founder of Microsoft, has praised Dr. Krisana Kraisin, 65, a Thai pharmacist, through his Facebook and personal blog, as a person who is dedicated to helping patients around the world. Especially for people infected with HIV (HIV) On the occasion of World AIDS Day on December 1st, Bill Gates discussed Dr.
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