Promoção na Attualità

Todas vocês aqui já conhecem a Attualità, certo? Eu amo a marca, sou super cliente, porque sei que sempre encontro peças lindas, de bom acabamento, muitas pedras naturais e de preço bacana. Para a alegria geral da nação a Attualità esta em super promoção. Ou seja, os preços estão mais que amigos. Selecionei algumas peças que eu amei para mostrar para vocês. Os brincos coral e turquesa estão de babar. Sem falar nos colares. O que é esse com cristal de rocha de Swarowski verde? Lindo!!!

Vale lembrar que a promoção vai até o dia 21. As peças estão com até 50% de desconto. Então é melhor agilizar!

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Vou colocar aqui a lista das lojas em que você pode encontrar essas lindezas. Mas, para não perder as novidades você pode clicar aqui no site da loja ou seguir no instagram no perfil @attualita


Shopping Iguatemi – (11) 30310895

Morumbi (11) 5182-8876

Ibirapuera: (11) 5093-0651

Higienopolis (11) 3823-2575

Alphaville (11) 4209-1866

Iguatemi Campinas (19) 3254-0110

Dom Pedro (19) 3756-7732

JK (11) 3152-6500

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  1. Lidas as peças! Ótima opção na hora de investir em acessórios!
    Além de ser linda e talentosa, ela sempre acerta nos looks “dia a dia”, provando que o básico também está na moda!
    Neste Verão 2014 vai rolar uma explosão de cores e estampas, seguindo por um estilo Minimalista com um toque esportivo. Confira o posto em nosso site:

  2. Lalá, tudo bom?
    Uma vez lhe fiz uma pergunta e você toda atenciosa respondeu. E hoje vendo suas fotos, quero dizer que você está mais linda ainda. Beijos!

  3. Oi, Lalá! Adoro seu blog, mas deixa eu dar um pitaco! Não existe cristal de rocha Swarovski. Cristal de rocha é uma pedra natural e Swarovski é um cristal criado artificialmente. Cristal de Rocha é uma pedra mesmo, encontrada na natureza, incolor. São totalmente diferentes!! Bjs!

  4. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is basically a game where you can do anything you want. Second life is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these sl websites and blogs

  5. Akko Chai Khiri Temple

    Located at km 50 on Highway 1035, Wichet Nakhon Sub-district, Jae Hom District, characterized by a high-mountain viharn. have to walk up the stairs about 227 steps, the top has both a viharn and relics Inside the viharn is also enshrined a large standing Buddha image called Phra Sakyamuni Khiri Akko. This is a Buddha image that the people of Chae Hom have greatly respected. The interesting thing of this temple is that it reflects the upside down image of the relics. to be able to see inside the shadow temple The image that appears is a beautiful upside-down color image of the relics. There is also an ancient wooden stone. It is a fossilized wood to watch as well. Tourists who are interested to see the reflection of the relics upside down. You can visit from 07.00-17.00 every day.
    12-07-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  6. hamilton island

    Whitsunday Islands, the picturesque 74 islands of the Great Barrier Reef, are the perfect playground for sailing adventures. The islands are located in the Coral Sea Turquoise off the coast of Queensland. Most are uninhabited and protected by six national parks, while the eight resorts are One & Only Hayman Island Resort and Qualia on Hamilton Island. Because it is surrounded by coral reefs, the waters are often calm and ideal for sailing, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, and swimming. Highlights of sailing around these dream islands include dazzling silica sand, Whitehaven Beach. ; have the right shape heart reef; and an underwater wonderland with giant clams, colorful corals, and tropical fish. Butterfly, Blue Pearl, and Hook Island Bays provide a protected grip. The main starting points for sailing include Airlie Beach and Shute Harbor on the mainland, where you can book sailboats, canoes and tall boats. There are both submarines and empty boats.

    Read more:
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  7. If anyone has been to Disneyland theme parks before. I recommend you to try and visit “Sanrio Puroland”, a theme park where there are many Sanrio characters. Suitable for both toddlers and older children, as well as adults can enter. But although Sanrio Puroland is a small amusement park. but full of quality Because inside there will be players, restaurants and souvenir shops. There will be some items that can only be purchased here.
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  8. Stainless Steel Church, Hua Suan Temple
    Stainless Steel Church, Hua Suan Temple, located in Samed Nuea Subdistrict, Bang Khla District, Chachoengsao Province, which was built entirely of stainless steel. to hope that the church has a thousand years old This stainless steel ordination hall is considered successful with the faith of Buddhists. Inside the church, you will find a Buddha image enshrined as the president. The most beautiful are the gable doors and windows which depict Buddha images and various deities. That this picture was made with the technique of etching and etching gold. Stainless steel church, Hua Suan Temple is an interesting attraction and should not be missed to visit.
    20-07-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  9. Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere
    and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.

    บางครั้ง คุณก็ค้นพบตัวเองหลงทางอยู่ที่ไหนสักแห่ง
    แต่บางครั้ง ที่ที่คุณหลงทางอยู่นั้น คุณก็ได้ค้นพบตัวเองเช่นกัน

  10. Like a childhood dream who would believe Once upon a time, you will have the opportunity to swim in the pools that people around the world say here are the fairy pools in fairy tales. Fairy Pools This is a pool created by nature in the Glen Valley. Rittle (Glen Brittle) is located on the southern tip of the of , the largest island in the Inner Hebrides, an archipelago off the west coast of Scotland
    24-07-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  11. We may love the wrong person, cry for the wrong person. But one thing is sure; mistakes help us find the right person.
    เราอาจจะรักคนผิด ร้องไห้กับคนที่ไม่ใช่ แต่สุดท้าย ความผิดพลาดจะช่วยให้เราได้เจอกับคนที่ใช่เสมอ


  12. Great Blue Hole
    Belize Blue Giant Hole The country is on the East Coast of Central America. Caribbean Seaside The hole is about 60 miles off the Belize coast, 984 feet in diameter and about 410 feet deep. Presumably, it was formed in the Ice Age, and it’s one of seven holes that divers rank among the most diving places in the world.

  13. Reykjavik
    Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the closest capital to the North Pole. It is located not too far from the Arctic Circle. Although it is one of Europe’s coldest spots, it is filled with natural hot springs. Soaking in a natural hot spring in the freezing cold is something everyone will find in winter.2-8-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  14. Hinoki Land Chiang Mai Province
    Travel to Japan near Chai Prakan, who likes the atmosphere of Japan. Must be here. Hinoki Land, the first Hinoki wooden kingdom. and the only one in Thailand which does not have to go to Japan at all because he brought it to Chiang Mai and then Especially during this comfortable travel time. The weather must be good. suitable for traveling And it’s very photogenic.

    +++เดซี่ 8/8/64+++

  15. Doi Pui Luang, Mae Hong Son Province
    Doi Pui Luang in Mae Ngao National Park It is a search for another beautiful sea of ​​mist in Thailand. The more I get to go in winter, the image of the sea of ​​clouds that clings tightly together. including beautiful golden fields big sun and the coldness that is the atmosphere of traveling in the forest Here is the splendor of the mountains in the form of a sea of ​​mist. and golden fields It is a new natural attraction that is still waiting for everyone to experience for themselves. I can assure you that the sea of ​​clouds is really beautiful, really beautiful.


  16. The situation of covids in the past two waves, there are still some unaffected tourists come to visit. Latest since early July In the past, it was found that tourists from the provinces can almost be called zero. No tourists came up to visit at all. During the weekend, there will be some for Chiang Mai tourists. Come up for a round trip only. As for overnight rentals, it can almost be said to have lost almost 99 percent. Some of the rest are people in Chiang Mai who only come to stay overnight. Most importantly, there are no advance reservations due to the ongoing crisis of the Covid-19 crisis. Thus, now the atmosphere at Doi Mon Cham will find that along the road that used to be bustling, there are many tourists’ cars that are almost gone.
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  17. Thung Sam Roi Yot Prachuap Khiri Khan Province ❀
    It is a habitat for a wide variety of birds. both local birds and seasonal migratory birds It is another important bird watching destination in the country. At the foot of the hill there is the Thung Sam Roi Yot Nature Study Center. with a path Study the water plants to be able to walk. a wooden bridge Raised up from the fields and stretched in a long line into the fields. Along the way we will see diversity of the plants that grow in the fields All kinds of plants
    11-8-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:

  18. A hacker group called RansomEXX has hacked into Gigabyte’s servers and encrypted some of their data. Unlock those data, which if Gigabyte kept a backup there should be no problem except the risk of data leaks.
    More than 112 GB of data was obtained by the hackers, and is likely information about Intel and AMD’s next-generation products and security information about the motherboard’s UEFI, BIOS, TPM, and if this information is leaked. Going out via Gigabyte should work.
    The problem of hackers hacking corporate data is ever increasing, with both gaming and tech companies all over the world. We’ll have to keep an eye on whether Gigabyte will pay the ransom or not and the data will come out. We have to wait and see.
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  19. Koh Nang Yuan, Surat Thani Province, a

    small, quiet island located beside Koh Tao. It consists of 3 small islands connected by white sand dunes. Surrounded by beautiful clear blue water. It is unique that people around the world know Koh Nang Yuan. which is just a small island in the middle of the quiet Gulf of Thailand There are beautiful coral reefs. It is a paradise for divers who must visit once
    13-08-2021 by ศุภดา go to website:

  20. The design of the diamond jewelry collection “The Moment of Love” comes with a modern design that lined up 99 E Color white diamonds together by designing three rows of diamonds in one piece of jewelry. and add a distinctive gimmick by adding intermittent diamonds So when you wear it, you can both look sweet and chic at the same time. Make it look charming, attractive and at the same time mesmerizing the shine of diamonds. This design is suitable for women of all ages and is suitable as a gift for all festivals and important occasions.
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  21. Samsung launched 2 new smartphones, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G, which are the 3rd generation of these devices that are more durable and further optimized for foldable experiences compared to their predecessors. From iconic design to immersive entertainment, Z Flip3 and Z Fold3 offer users unique new ways to work, watch, and play and they will be available locally in Thailand from August 12 onwards.
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  22. All in all, NVIDIA believes Arm’s vast and diverse ecosystem will help bring more clarity to their leading graphics chip and AI-powered platform capabilities. It also increases the opportunity for accelerating the development of various innovations. for the era of artificial intelligence Expand the market to another level

    Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said, “AI is the most powerful technology of our generation. And it also allows for new types of processing. Over the next few years, trillions of computers around the world will run on AI and enable the IoT era that is thousands of times larger than the IoP (Internet of People) today.
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  23. As of March 9, 2021, Microsoft Edge Legacy will be another browser that Microsoft has announced to end support for its security features.

    For users of the Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy browsers who will be impacted by the end of support announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that they will facilitate the transition process in terms of product usability. The company’s new browser, New Microsoft Edge, is as ‘simple’ and ‘smooth’ as ​​possible.
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  24. Singapore is a small and geographically island country. Relying on economic wealth and state-of-the-art technology to solve the problem of limited resources. and has always been successful And the latest can manage to provide more drinking water to the people as well.

    The gigantic water pump that rumbles from the basement of a Singapore factory is a machine that turns wastewater into clean water of good quality enough for people to consume while helping the government take measures to reduce pollution. can go inside too
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  25. Wat Si Phan Ton has a beautiful viharn standing in a glittering golden majesty. It is another temple in Nan province that has beautiful stucco paintings, especially the seven-headed Naga guarding the stairs, which looks gentle and lively. which was sculpted by Nan craftsmen Inside the viharn, there are line drawings of the Buddha’s history and the history of Nan’s birth. by Nan technician It is a line drawing with natural colors, beautiful and extremely valuable.


  26. Wat Hua Khuang is located on Maha Phrom Road. Mueang Nan District Near the Nan National Museum is another beautiful old temple in Nan. Both the viharn and the chedi are characterized by local Lanna arts. A family of Nan craftsmen with exquisite craftsmanship. There is also a prominent ancient shrine in the middle of the temple. It looks like a temple but is small. and tall, gable, and the upper lid decorated with beautiful carvings


  27. Mon Jam, a mountain that can go up to feel the cold wind natural view of green mountains Ready to take pictures with various kinds of flowers Visit a strawberry farm Shop for Doi products. traditional clothes Mon Chaem winter vegetable and fruit plants Can travel all year round If you want to see the beautiful sea of ​​fog, full of fullness It is recommended to visit during the rainy season, which this season still has some flowers to see. But if you want to see beautiful and dense winter flowers, you must come in winter. Mon Jam has many accommodation services.


  28. Resort located on Pak Weep Beach. Each room is beautifully decorated and modern. Emphasis on white tones. Guests will enjoy a relaxing vacation. With a full range of facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, fitness room, spa, tennis courts, massage and much more.

    ****เดซี่ 20/08/64

  29. Located at Nang Thong Beach The standout is the quiet location of Nang Thong Beach. You can walk and swim right in front of the accommodation. Or to see beautiful sunset views, it also offers a variety of rooms such as Sands Room, Family Room, Seaside Junior Suite and Pool Access Junior Suite, etc., as well as facilities to serve guests such as a swimming pool by the sea. Children’s swimming pool, spa, restaurant and 24 hour security system, etc.

    ****ลิซ่า 20/08/64

  30. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said during a speech recently that both governments and businesses need to prepare for a world in which humans will be competing with robots for jobs. Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC, Gates said that as the costs for robots and technology go down, the demand for low-skilled jobs will also decrease. He said that governments might eventually have to reduce taxes to persuade big businesses to continue hiring human employees rather than investing in robots to fill the job. He went on to say that even high-skilled workers such as accountants, commercial pilots, astronauts and police officers are at risk of being replaced by AI-based robots in the future.
    Tweak Town
    By Hunny to

  31. The Thai currency is likely to become weaker against the US dollar and could fall by as much as 5.6% by the end of 2009. A currency expert forecast the Thai Baht, which as of February 4 traded at 34.95 per dollar, will slide to 36 by the end of June, and 37 by the end of the year. The year 2008 saw the Thai currency plummet 15%, securing a third-worst spot amongst Asia’s 10 most active currencies against the US dollar. Despite the Thai government’s plan to spend billions of baht to spur growth, the political instability, which culminated in the closure of Bangkok’s two international airports late last year, sent business sentiment to a record low. Thailand’s current account will likely be in a deficit this year as overseas investment slows down, exports dry up, and the government’s spending climbs through the roof.
    ก้อง 22/08/64

  32. his is another place where we can see beautiful views. without having to climb the mountain to get tired Because there is a cable car that can carry up to 101 passengers to the top of Mt. Tsurumi, the height of 1,375 meters in 10 minutes. From there, we can see the surrounding view of Beppu, Mt. Yufu and Kuju as well. For the best time. In the trip is When the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom

    ****มินนี่ 22/8/64

  33. Chiang Khan, a city that is still beautiful with traditional ancient architecture. It has attracted tourists from all ages. Unbelievable that a small alley Along this Mekong River, tourists from all over the world come to visit uninterruptedly. And most importantly, it’s a tourist city that can be visited at any time, including summer and rainy season, especially in winter.

    ****Fiastar 23/8/64

  34. The military junta and the Public Relations Department on Thursday shut down the Confidante community radio station hours after ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra called to talk to listeners on-air. In the broadcast, Thaksin called for an early election, and said people would not tolerate any delays in the election, points he has made in previous interviews in the foreign press. Bavorn Techa-in, chief of the National Broadcasting Commission, said the station had been set up unlawfully, but denied that there was any order to shut it down. Other media reports quoted the chief of the PRD as saying that he had in fact ordered it closed. The inspectors also seized a tape recording of the 15-minute call and talk by Thaksin. The interview marked the first time Thaksin had spoken to any Thai media since the Sept 19 coup.
    Bangkok Post
    ก้อง 23/08/64

  35. Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said during a speech recently that both governments and businesses need to prepare for a world in which humans will be competing with robots for jobs. Speaking at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, DC, Gates said that as the costs for robots and technology go down, the demand for low-skilled jobs will also decrease. He said that governments might eventually have to reduce taxes to persuade big businesses to continue hiring human employees rather than investing in robots to fill the job. He went on to say that even high-skilled workers such as accountants, commercial pilots, astronauts and police officers are at risk of being replaced by AI-based robots in the future.
    Tweak Town

  36. เผย “ผกก.โจ้” เซ็นรายงานตัวที่ภาค 6 แล้วแต่ไม่เห็นตัว ด้าน แม่-เมียเหยื่อให้ปากคำเครียดวานนี้(23 สิงหาคม )ผู้สื่อข่าวรายงานว่า บรรยากาศที่กองบังคับการตำรวจภูธรภาค 6 ต.มะตูม อ.พรหมพิราม พิษณุโลก เป็นไปอย่างปกติ ท่ามกลางเสียงวิพากษ์วิจารณ์เป็นระยะๆ ถึงคำสั่ง เด้ง ผกก.เมืองนครสวรรค์ ให้มาประจำที่ ตำรวจภูธรภาค 6 แต่ยังไม่มีใครทราบว่า พ.ต.อ.ธิติสรรค์ อุทธนผล อดีต ผกก.สภ.เมืองนครสวรรค์ หรือ ผู้กำกับโจ้ ไปทำงานชั้น 3 ที่สำนักงานผู้บัญชาการตำรวจภูธรภาค 6 หรือไม่ แต่ยืนยันเพียงว่า ผู้กำกับโจ้ได้มาเซ็นชื่อทำงานในช่วงเช้า แต่ก็ไม่สามารถระบุลงเวลาที่แน่นอนได้ ทั้งๆที่ช่วง 2-3 ปีผ่านมา ผู้กำกับโจ้ เดินเข้าออก ที่ห้องผู้บัญชาการภาค 6 บ่อยครั้ง แทบเรียกว่า เป็นเลขาฯหน้าห้อง ในยุคหนึ่งที่นั่งในตำแหน่ง รอง ผู้กำกับสืบสวน สภ.เมืองพิษณุโลก
    ก้อง 24/08/64

  37. A woman in Florida who was being held hostage by her boyfriend was able to save herself from harm when she ordered an online pizza with a secret message saying she was being held hostage. While Cheryl Treadway was being held at knifepoint by her angry boyfriend, she convinced him to give back her phone so she could order a pizza using a Pizza Hut smartphone app. In the order’s “Comments” section, she wrote “Please help. Get 911 to me!” The Pizza Hut worker who saw the message in the order then called the police, who went to the hostage’s house and arrested her boyfriend. “We’ve never seen that before,” said Candy Hamilton, the Pizza Hut manager. “I’ve been here 28 years and I’ve never, ever seen anything like that come through.”
    Ars Technica
    ก้อง 26/08/64

  38. The Thai government has endorsed a new law aimed at reigning in the expansion of foreign retail giants following an outcry by local shop owners. The new law calls for local governments to assess and approve any proposed new branches of supermarket chains in their province. In addition, a new central body called the Retail and Wholesale Supervision Committee would also be set up to regulate the retail business around the country. Foreign-owned supermarket chains including Tesco and Carrefour complain that the new law, if enacted, would ultimately hurt the consumer by limiting choice and hindering competition. The government also said it is now planning to toughen its enforcement of existing zoning laws to slow the expansion of foreign retailers.
    ก้อง 28/08/64

  39. Hachiban Ramen organizes a great promotion for 88 baht of ramen for every menu, one day only!
    Open a great promotion, Hachiban Ramen, organize a promotion for 88 baht of ramen for every menu, one day only.Read more >>> By ชาเขียว 2/9Go To WebSite

  40. Japanese Bitter Gourd: Super Healthy Vegetables and Secrets to Reduce Bitter Bitter Gourd
    Japanese bitter gourd, or goya (ゴーヤ), is one of the top foods eaten by people in Okinawa, the longest-lived prefecture in the world. Let’s take a look at the benefits of Goya. Read more >>> By wila 2/9

  41. An “anime-style security guard” who can really take care of security!!
    The image of the dark-browed, sharp-eyed man in the uniform that ANNGLE fans have seen, looks and looks like a game character. Flirting with a young man, flirting with a girl, right? But let’s just say that this was actually developed into an AI system that allows the character to perform a real-world security role! Read more >>> By wila 2/9

  42. It was a huge loss for Hollywood when Ed Asner (Ed Asner) passed away peacefully early yesterday morning (August 29) at the age of 91. What exactly was the cause of death? His family made a simple statement on Twitter: “We are sorry to say that our beloved family head has left this world …
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  43. I don’t know if it’s accidental or intentional, but in August 2021, together we have a cooking program to stream for people who like to eat for a long time. Cooking With Paris August 4, 2021 1 Season / 6 Episodes Netflix Begin with the popular celebrity cooking show Pari…
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  44. Sky Walk Pattani

    Skywalk Pattani is located in Muang District. Within the area of ​​Suan Somdet Suan Somdet Phra Srinagarindra or Suan Mae Luk, a place for recreation and exercise of Pattani people. by the entrance to the garden Has made a walking path in the sky above the mangrove forest with a height of 12 meters, about a 5-storey building, this Skywalk can see panoramic views. Visit Pattani City Fisherman’s way of life Including watching the beauty of the sunrise and sunset as well.
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  45. Ban Mae Lai is located in Mae On District. Chiang Mai Province It is a peaceful village in the middle of a rich forest. There is a stream running through the village. If anyone is familiar with the pictures of Ban Mae Kampong Ban Mae Lai has a very different atmosphere. Because it is located in the same zone, just on the opposite side, what is different from Ban Mae Kampong is that this place is still quiet. There are not many tourists because most of them go to stay at Mae Kampong. The weather is cool all year round because the village is covered with forests. Baan Mae Lai Mee Homestay The property offers several properties to fully experience the atmosphere. Therefore, it is another option for those who want to relax in the midst of true nature.
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  46. A fire broke out at a famous restaurant on Walking Street, Pattaya. Recently, firefighters managed to control the fire.
    A fire broke out in a three-storey commercial building where a club was located. Walking Street Pattaya area Read more >>> By wila 13/9

  47. The sea is boiling, “Nong Eye” shows off its sexy Puppets are beyond description.
    Nong Aye Porntappavee, pretty charming, flew on a vacation to the Maldives. In this event, do not forget to pick up a variety of swimsuits to wear to challenge the sun. It can be said that the sea is boiling.Read more >>> By ชาเขียว 13/9

  48. The hardest pose to get beautiful muscles (not plank)
    Just doing the plank pose is very tiring and everyone who exercises is well aware of this. But there is another pose that will help you get beautiful abs. And it’s harder than the plank pose as well.Read more >>> By ชาเขียว 13/9

  49. Experience tells you what to do; Confidence allows you to do it.
    ประสบการณ์จะทำให้คุณรู้ว่าคุณควรทำอะไร แต่ความมั่นใจจะทำให้คุณกล้าลงมือทำ
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  50. The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity.The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.
    ผู้มองโลกในแง่ร้ายมองเห็นความยากลำบากในทุกโอกาส คนมองโลกในแง่ดีมองเห็นโอกาสในทุกความยากลำบาก
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  51. Famelab Thailand, an easy science presentation competition project The competition is held for the 3rd year. The winner will represent Thailand flying far to compete in the UK finals. The Minister of Science and Technology believes Help raise awareness for the new generation of Thai children to be interested in science. The organizing team reveals the special that this year has drawn idols like…
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  52. Astronomers have detected the most distant giant black hole ever recorded. Aims to study the early development of the universe This black hole is a ‘quasar’, a supermassive black hole that surrounds a disc of superheated gas. along with the release of energy and particle beams in the perpendicular direction Until it is considered the top bright object in the universe. Information on the journal Nat…
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  53. “If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap.’
    If you want happiness for a day — go fishing.
    If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune.
    If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.”
    – Chinese Proverb BY- SUNJI ☞ Click here to See

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