Tendência forte da temporada: Make rosa

Lembra aquela época que rosa era a cor maistrendy pra tudo, desde moda até make, decoração, design e afins? Se você respondeu que lembra sim, porque essa época ainda está em vigor, acertou. Apesar de que muita gente jura de pé junto que o rosa está perdendo forças, ele continua aí, firme e forte. Vimos o fenômeno que foi a cor nos Grammys, Oscar

Makes em tom de rosa estão super in. Vale a pena apostar nos mais ousados, com a cor mais sólida, tanto em versões com brilho quanto opacas. Ou no estilo super natural, usando o rosa mais como um efeito corado na pele, que fica lindo e super fresh.

Um pouco de inspiração:

Maquiagem rosa

E aí, o que acham? 💗

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  1. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is basically a game where you can do anything you want. sl is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these Second Life websites and blogs

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  3. “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true” — Cinderella (1950)
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  4. Doi Pui Luang, Mae Hong Son Province
    Doi Pui Luang in Mae Ngao National Park It is a search for another beautiful sea of ​​mist in Thailand. The more I get to go in winter, the image of the sea of ​​clouds that clings tightly together. including beautiful golden fields big sun and the coldness that is the atmosphere of traveling in the forest Here is the splendor of the mountains in the form of a sea of ​​mist. and golden fields It is a new natural attraction that is still waiting for everyone to experience for themselves. I can assure you that the sea of ​​clouds is really beautiful, really beautiful.


  5. Latest on July 26, 2021, Thailand, we have received some good news. after several sessions The past month has only been bad news for the COVID-19 epidemic. The latest good news is that Kaeng Krachan National Park , a vast and important forest area of ​​Thailand, has been registered as a natural world heritage site. 3 of Thailand from UNESCO

    For Kaeng Krachan National Park, with an area of ​​1.8 million rai, it is the largest national park in Thailand. It covers an area of ​​two provinces, Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan. A unique natural attractions, such as Sea Lake waterfalls, caves, cliffs.

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  6. Siem Reap City Cambodia

    Visiting Angkor Wat is not difficult anymore. Because at present, there are many airlines serving the route Bangkok – Siem Reap. It only takes a few hours to travel. Was able to go to see the beauty of Angkor Wat. Siem Reap There are many beautiful tourist attractions, so this route is not less interesting at all.
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  7. In addition to Xiaomi having products ranging from smartphones , tablets to home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi has not stopped expanding its own product line. Recently, the company has officially launched a robot dog at the launch of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 smartphone as well.
    Xiaomi’s robot dog, CyberDog, is a robotic pet similar to Boston Dynamics’ Spot. Xiaomi says the robot dog is a testament to the company’s engineering abilities.
    CyberDog’s brain relies on the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX platform, which includes 384 CUDA cores, 48 ​​Tensor cores, and 6 Carmel CPU cores, and 2 cores for deep learning computing. These modules collect data from 11 sensors. CyberDog’s features include touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules, and more, which allow this robotic dog to process movements in different locations.
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  8. “During the beginning of the covids, the income gradually disappear, admit that it’s very stressful Because we have a burden of expenses that need to be taken care of each month, not less. When problems come in every way, we can’t turn to rely on anyone. Because we are also Single Moms, there was a moment when we almost thought too short. is to walk to the overpass and ready to go. But like the moon has not yet been killed Grandma called and told her to go home because Nong Pin was waiting. When we came back to see our child’s face, we couldn’t hold back the tears. He hugged his neck and cried with the child and thought he couldn’t do it again. If we’re not here, how will our children live? He has been with us for 18 years. We must not leave him so easily again. From that point on, it gives us the impetus to stand up and fight again.”
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  9. For those who need the ultimate device for productivity and immersive entertainment, Z Fold3 is a true multitasking powerhouse, a no-notch-nor-punch-hole 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display, and the first ever S Pen support on a foldable device. For those who want style that comes with function, Z Flip3 is the ideal device with its sleek, compact, and pocketable design, enhanced camera features, and a larger outer screen built for quick use on the go.
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  10. CNBC said the reason SoftBank considered selling ARM to NVIDIA was a result of the company’s poor financial stability. Especially the huge loss of money on technology startups they invest in, whether it be Uber or WeWork, as well as in the case of US tech company stocks. down sharply at the beginning of the month

    Earlier in 2016, SoftBank acquired Arm for $31.6 billion. It is one of the largest acquisitions in the world, and Arm is known for being an architectural firm that designs smartphone chips, whether it’s the Qualcomm chips used in Android or today’s iPhone chips.
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  11. Microsoft has announced on its website that it will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browsers by August 17, 2021, starting with the Microsoft Teams Web App end of support on IE11. From 30 November onwards Before all Microsoft 365 applications and services end support on IE11 beginning August 17 next year.
    For users of the Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy browsers who will be impacted by the end of support announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that they will facilitate the transition process in terms of product usability. The company’s new browser, New Microsoft Edge, is as ‘simple’ and ‘smooth’ as ​​possible.
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  12. small island like singapore with an area of ​​less than 730 square kilometers according to government data There are few natural sources of water. and most of the time It has always depended on water from neighboring Malaysia.

    Still, the Singapore government decided to initiate a project to develop a state-of-the-art system for wastewater treatment. that takes advantage of a network of tunnels and a number of high-tech factories with the hope of increasing self-sufficiency
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  13. The Ministry of Education has announced that it is ready to pay to heal 11 million students, 2,000 baht, to their parents within 5-7 days.
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  14. Movie fans in the United States are expected to flock to their neighborhood theaters to see the fourth installment of the Rambo series. In the movie, Rambo is living in exile in Thailand when he is recruited to take a group of American missionaries seeking to help a group of ethnic Burmese villages caught in the middle of a civil war. Rambo, played by Sylvester Stallone, later joins a team of mercenaries to return to the village after the people there are attacked and slaughtered by Burmese government forces.
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  15. Thailand’s economy expanded 4.2 percent in the fourth quarter of 2006, down from 4.7 percent in the previous period, marking the lowest growth rate since a 3.5 percent rise in the first quarter of 2005. For this year, experts say the recovery of investments will be slower than expected because of politics. “Growth is expected to slow down especially due to foreign investors shying away,” said Vishnu Varathan, an economist at Forecast Singapore. “Consumer sentiment is also down because of political instability and violence.”
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  16. Google has chosen Thailand as the first country in the region to have its own Google Maps due to the popularity of Google’s many services in the country. Internet users can now search for locations anywhere in the country and receive map or satellite views, as well as driving directions to their destinations. They can also create and save their own maps to the destinations of their choice while planning a trip. Google has partnered with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to provide over 3,000 attractions for tourists. Other features include extensive restaurant lists and interesting events taking place around the kingdom. Thai businesses can post their locations and business summaries on the Google Maps as well. The service is now available for mobile phone users who will have access to the same features as they do on their computers.
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  17. A 43-year-old Thai man was found dead Tuesday wearing 15 bras and a mini-skirt belonging to his estranged wife. Roi Et resident Jaran Khadphano was found dead from a suspected heart attack at his home. Relatives of Jaran, who formerly worked as an optician in Bangkok, told police he had been suffering from depression since his wife left him for another man and had been taking painkillers washed down with coffee several times a day. There was no immediate explanation as to why the deceased was wearing his wife’s clothes, which he had brought back with him from Bangkok after the couple’s separation.
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  18. In this interview with Time magazine, former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said he disagreed with the junta’s recent controversial economic policies including capital controls and the proposed changes to the Foreign Business Act. “No one can adopt protectionism anymore,” Thaksin said. “Thailand has to be ready for globalization—you cannot turn your back on it. Anything that reverses what is already very open will cause confusion and uncertainty. This is when investors pull out.” Thaksin also said that the current regime wanted to take the country backward and away from its push to become a more knowledge-based society.
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  19. Chiang Khan, a city that is still beautiful with traditional ancient architecture. It has attracted tourists from all ages. Unbelievable that a small alley Along this Mekong River, tourists from all over the world come to visit uninterruptedly. And most importantly, it’s a tourist city that can be visited at any time, including summer and rainy season, especially in winter.

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  20. Father inventor built a Lamborghini from wood. Plus, you can drive and drive chilling on the road.
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  21. Art contest from waste materials “Trash to Treasure because trash is valuable”
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  22. The Department of Health reiterates that “beef and cow’s milk” can be eaten without acidifying the blood. Does not provoke COVID-19
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  23. During this time last year The author had the opportunity to go on an internship in New York. which had to spend all day running around the city to buy things as the boss ordered. But sometimes I have time to sit and work in the studio as well. In the room there will be employees of various departments. Sit together in a shared-space, each doing their own work. In addition to the office decoration that looks like it came out of the picture in the pinter…
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  24. Vanity Fair October 2017 issue by Peter Lindbergh “Ultimately, we are just two people who are so happy and in love. We dated for more than 6 months before the news. And the only thing that has changed is the attitude of people. I myself did not change myself I’m still the same person and I don’t want to be interpreted just by the person I’m dating.” These are the sharp, sincere and confident words of…
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  25. The house next to the temple project Located in Soi Wat Umong. It is a local community mall style. Under the design of housing that is surrounded by nature. Based on the old-fashioned atmosphere mixed with the contemporary today. which within the project of the house beside the temple and nearby There are shops selling handmade goods. Home decorations, restaurants, coffee shops, many shops, suitable for walking, chilling, sipping coffee, reading books, taking chic photos.
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  26. “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.
    Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter’s oven?
    And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives?
    When you are joyous, look deep into your heart and you shall find it is only that which has given you sorrow that is giving you joy. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see in truth that you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”
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  27. Phuket Temple
    Phuket Temple is located in Wora Nakhon Sub-district, Pua District, Nan Province. Seeing the name, you might be a little surprised that the name of the temple is probably in Phuket. In fact, Wat Phuket Named after a village called Ban Ket, but with a temple located on a hill Which in the north is called “Doi” or “Phu”, hence the name “Wat Phuket” means Ban Ket Temple on the mountain or Doi. View behind the temple Adjacent to the vast rice fields with the mountain backdrop of Doi Phu Kha Forest Park in the morning is another spectacular sunrise viewpoint.
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  28. Aom Phiyada” is still shocked to meet “Nong Bene”, the son of “Jeab Sopitapha”, now he is a young man.
    Aom Phiyada reveals a couple photos of Nong Bene, Jeab Sopitapha’s son, growing up very fast, now starting to be young Read more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By wila 18/9

  29. Still continuing to gain wealth for Jeff Bezos, 56-year-old American billionaire and businessman, Bloomberg recently released its ‘Bloomberg Billionaires Index’ and found that day Monday, July 20, just one day ago. Bezos has more than $13 billion in assets, or about 410 billion baht, which…
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  30. The serious consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak Has caused a huge change in the way of life of our lives. It is the beginning of a different lifestyle under the new normal. Also known as the New Normal, which causes a different lifestyle trend. The smart phone plays an increasingly important role. Both shopping that focuses on e-commerce platforms, the online world…
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