Trend: Muscle Tee

As camisetas invadiram os nossos armários, não é mesmo? Quem aí ainda não arrematou uma camiseta divertida para deixar os looks com uma carinha cool? Eu amo. A montanha delas no meu closet me entrega. Agora,as tees chegam com uma nova pegada. Quem já reparou nesse novo shape com cara de bombadinho de academia? Sabe aquelas camisetas que os meninos adoram usar para mostrar o bíceps trabalhado? Ou então, para suavizar, o corte do uniforme de basquete? Essa mesmo! As famosas muscle tees chegam para dar uma nova cara às camisetinhas que ganharam lugar cativo nas produções. Tenho uma que comprei em Londres com essa pegada, mas já mandei a tesoura em outras e ahazei no DIY. Já já ela aparece no look do dia!

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  1. Adorei esse tipo de camiseta e já aderi ao look. Semana passada comprei uma na ZARA e hoje comprei 2 lindas de morrer na MARISA no depto masculino por R$ 29,90 cada: malha ótima e dá para colocar com um sutiã fluor por baixo que vai ficar linda. Fica a dica! Bjus

  2. As sócias Cris Rocon e Juliana Viena criaram a marca no ano passado, e já conquistaram todo o Brasil com vendas online. A dupla vem inovando com as t-shirts cheias de expressão e personalidade, com estampadas com frases irreverentes, de humor, amor e protesto, além de uma pegada bem rock in roll.

  3. Olá Lalá, sou super fã do seu trabalho…
    Vc sabe m informar algum site q venda essas camisetas??
    Espero q possa m ajudar e m responder.

  4. Olá Lalá, sou super fão do seu trabalho…
    Vc sabe m informar algum site q venda essas camisetas??
    Espero q possa m ajudar e m responder.

  5. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a game where you can do anything you want. SL is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you would like to see more you can see these Second Life websites and blogs

  6. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is basically a game where you can do anything you want. Second life is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these sl authors and blogs

  7. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a video game where you can do anything you want. sl is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you would like to see more you can see these second life authors and blogs

  8. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a video game where you can do anything you want. Second life is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these Second Life articles and blogs

  9. Have you ever heard of second life (sl for short). It is essentially a online game where you can do anything you want. sl is literally my second life (pun intended lol). If you want to see more you can see these Second Life websites and blogs

  10. Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahisorn Phakdi Museum

    It is about 200 meters from Kantang Municipality. Another important historical attraction is “Juan Kao Trang Governor” or the former residence of Trang governor Phraya Ratsadanupradit. It is a 2-storey wooden house with a full range of wax statues and tools used in your daily life. by the heirs of the Na Ranong family as a caretaker
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  11. ผู้ที่อยู่ในอาการเฉื่อยชาควรหันมาเริ่มออกกำลังเป็นประจำเพื่อเพิ่มความแข็งแรงให้แก่ร่างกาย อย่างไรก็ตาม ควรปรึกษาแพทย์หรือผู้เชี่ยวชาญก่อนเข้าร่วมโปรแกรมใดๆ ต่อไปนี้เป็นตัวอย่างคำแนะนำสำหรับผู้เริ่มต้นออกกำลัง by wila 10/07

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  12. Bang Pa-In Palace
    Bang Pa-In Palace It is an old palace built in the Ayutthaya period. by King Prasat Thong Located in Ban Len Subdistrict Bang Pa-in District Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province was the residence of the King in the Ayutthaya period. Until Rattanakosin, the palace is divided into the outer court area and the inner court area. Each place has beautiful architecture and structures. Opening hours every day 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m
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  13. Laem Krathing,
    the new viewpoint of Phuket Overlooking the Andaman Sea almost 360 degrees for anyone who wants to come to this viewpoint. May have to travel from the afternoon because if coming after sunset, it will be very dark and difficult to walk by starting the route through Nai Harn Beach to Ao Sane or will start at Ao Sane Or walk up through a small wall before reaching Ban Krating Resort. It is recommended to wear sneakers because you will have to walk through the rocks This can be slippery and dangerous. Along the way you will see views that will make you wow! About 45 minutes to reach Laem Krathing. And as I said, the way back is quite dark. Therefore, we do not recommend staying to watch the sunset.
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  15. ชีวิตก็เป็นเหมือนกับรถไฟเหาะ มันจะต้องมีทั้งขึ้นและลง


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  16. Skybridge to Richmond

    South of Vancouver, Richmond is not a scenic city at first glance. But the airport, full of famous sights, Buddhist temples, to the picturesque fishing village of former Steveston (filled with waterfront restaurants and old boat nights) is set in the latter. The Cannery of Georgia Bay National Historical Park is one of the oldest settings in Richmond and relays the history of the west coast fishing industry. Many people still visit Richmond just to shop, as large department stores carry Asian imports and lively night markets take place on summer holiday weekends.
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  17. Wat Sri Don Kham
    Locals call it “Wat Huai Ao”, it is a large old relic inside. The Buddha’s relics passed by to visit Long District. went to pay homage to Phra Chao Phrato See the arts and crafts of Lanna Buddhist ancestors and pay homage to “Phra That Sri Don Kham” to make you feel full of merit and good luck forever. And what is indispensable is to see the bomb bell. The origin of the word “City of Phrae bombing” that occurred since World War 2 from the bombing of the railroad. But the bomb didn’t explode. The villagers were disappointed and helped to carry the carts to the temple to make a bell. people passing by do not understand, they lead them to say that “Phrase of Explosion”


  18. เกาะขนาดกะทัดรัดที่ตั้งอยู่ห่างจากปากน้ำชุมพรประมาณ 500 เมตร เวลาน้ำลงจะเกิดมีแนวสันทรายเป็นทางยาวจากชายฝั่งไปถึงตัวเกาะ ทำให้สามารถเดินข้ามไปได้ บนเกาะเป็นที่ประดิษฐานมาลิกเจีย์ เป็นเจดีย์สมัยรัตนโกสินทร์ และวันขึ้น 15 ค่ำ เดือน 7 จะมีการจัดงานประเพณีเพื่อเป็นการทำบุญสักการะเจดีย์เป็นประจำทุกปี by wila 22/07

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  19. From what the Prof. has upgraded the measures of dark red areas in 10 provinces, with Bangkok and its vicinities, plus 4 southern provinces. Do not leave the residence from 21.00-04.00 unless necessary. by department store Can open only supermarkets, drug departments, food departments, convenience stores, nightlife stores, close at 8 p.m., order to close massage parlors, spas, beauty salons Do not gather in groups of more than 5 people. All measures will begin on July 12, while travel restrictions in 6 provinces will start on July 10, allowing people to follow the measures that violate the penalty even if they do not have a list of names in the province.

    Latest today, July 10, 2021, in the past, the atmosphere around Jomtien Beach, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, after cross-provincial travel is prohibited. The operators of Jomtien beach beds have been greatly affected. which almost no tourists come to visit Jomtien Beach

    Ms Sumalee Aramwong, 50, an umbrella bed operator, said she was greatly affected. No tourists come to visit, resulting in no income. There are only increasing expenses. Usually, the majority of tourists visiting Jomtien Beach are from Bangkok, but with the lockdown of Bangkok, there are almost no tourists. This made the beach look very lonely. The shop has measures as specified by the government. by having tourists wear masks Wash your hands with alcohol gel. and sit at a distance from each other
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  20. Near the season out of the new Apple iPhone (Apple) came to me at the end of the year will be the launch of Aotearoa since the iPhone and MacBook, which has recently been reported that the MacBook Pro, new design 14-inch and 16-inch. has entered the production process already
    DigiTimes has released a report stating that an app Apple has begun production of the new MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models, both with a capacity of about 600,000 to 800,000 units per month. From August to November of this year
    DigiTimes previously reported that Apple plans to launch a new MacBook sometime this September, along with the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7. MacBook at a separate event from September’s iPhone announcement event It may be during October – November similar to last year.
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  21. This once famous department store is almost insignificant now. Long ago it was known for showcasing the post-war wealth of Thailand as well as selling foreign goods. Ho imported goods and weaver leather were the primary selling items here, but somewhere along the way the owners may have forgotten to redecorate and clean the place and, of course, update their stock inventory.
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  22. When she encountered the toxicity of covids, Mother Ya had to close the restaurant as ordered. While looking for a new source of income, a friend persuaded me to take a Grab ride, which at first Mae Ya still didn’t decide to do it because she wasn’t familiar with the route in Bangkok. Plus not confident that I can do it. So she tried to be a kid carrying a Grab bag for her friend a day before. It appears that the trial on that day allowed Mae Ya to cross the Comfort Zone and be on the road to being a Grab food delivery driver for a long time. over a year
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  23. Ko Samui is one of the most culturally rich islands of Thailand. This destination is loved by the photographers and writers who come here to take part in the festivals hosted here. Some of the most popular festivals of Ko Samui are the Buffalo Fighting Festival, the Ten Stars Samui Art Party, and several street fairs. These festivals are vibrant with vendors selling local delicacies, clothing, and souvenirs. The yearly Samui Regatta invites the sailors and watersport enthusiast from all around the world. Samui Regatta hosts the world famous triathlon event that invites more than 500 competitors from 22 countries. BY- SUNJI ☞ Click here to See

  24. After being hit by the US government’s blacklisting of domestic companies from doing business in early 2019, Huawei, the Chinese telecom technology developer, has been randomly developing its own OS. (because I don’t have full access to Google and Android services)

    Recently, at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 held today in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, Huawei officially announced that HarmonyOS 2.0 will be released on Huawei smartphones from 2021 onwards, replacing the original Android OS.
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  25. Both Line Financial and Mizuho Bank The company has increased its capital by another 12 billion yen, bringing the reserve value to 16.5 billion yen, which the two companies will use the corporate management structure in the form of a co-chief executive (Co-CEO) appointed by Mizuho Bank. The board of directors will be appointed by Line Financial and Mizuho Bank. in equal proportions
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  26. As for the water recycling system used by Singapore, Headquartered at the Changi Water Reclamation Plant, it operates with high technology. and is located on the east coast of the island. Part of the plant is located underground as deep as a 25-storey building and receives wastewater that flows through a giant tunnel that is 48 kilometers long and connects to various wastewater wells.
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  27. Number one in the world! #POPCAT is trending After Thai netizens click on the cat open mouth game to win every nation
    Hot hashtag with the most viral of the day #POPCAT Thailand soared to number 1 in the world, the best click on the world champion cat open mouth Read more >>> By wila 20/8

  28. Invite you to nourish your heart during detention with 5 great literature.
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  29. Dr. Lily, Dr. Waranya Nganthawee, a very cute doctor who is beautiful from face to hand.
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  30. Oui-Natee Ekwichit, a hip-hop artist who recently had an image of expressing honest and frank opinions. It was at this point that ‘Allianz Ayudhya’ chose him as an advertising presenter. Health Insurance Unlock Extra that tells you everything completely from start to finish …
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  31. Rim Moei Market
    Rim Moei Market, a community on the banks of the Moei River Opposite to Myawaddy District of Myanmar It is a market for selling many local products from Thailand and Myanmar such as dried bamboo shoots, dried fish, tangy fish, shiitake mushrooms, nuts, leather goods, satin fabrics, etc. It is also a market for gems such as jade, rubies and colored gemstones from Burma.
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  32. Before watching Altered Carbon, the latest sci-fi series from Netflix tomorrow (Feb 2), THE STANDARD flew away to attend the press conference to launch in Korea. What’s even more special is that Netflix gave us the opportunity to sit down with Leta Calokridis, executive producer of Avatar and Shutter Island, and the lead cast of Joel Kinnaman, Mar. Tha…
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  36. “CMG Brand Sale” discount up to 80%, 1st floor, Mega Bangna Shopping Center
    Shop for famous brands to your heart’s content in the “CMG Brand Sale” event, with discounts of up to 80% from 15 – 28 September 2021 at the Fashion Galleria zone, 1st floor, Mega Bangna Shopping Center. Read more >>> By wila 19/9

  37. COVID-19 continues to infect stocks in the communications sector. After the 3 mobile operators launched their work in the past 3 quarters, it was found that all 3 operators had revenue, net profit and the number of users that had dropped almost entirely. Illustration: Anongna D Wiwattanon proofreading: Pasinee Permphanpong &nb…
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  38. Huawei, a Chinese telecommunications and smartphone technology developer has announced today (November 17) that they have decided to sell their smartphone business under the ‘Honor’ brand to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. to relieve pressure on the smart business. Huawei phones are facing (technical component supply chain issues and US sanctions…
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  39. Ming Muang Temple
    Wat Ming Muang is located on Suriyaphong Road, downtown Nan, where the city pillar of Nan province is enshrined. It is beautiful and elaborate. It is the handiwork of the Chiang Saen artisan family. beautiful There are murals inside. Shows the way of life of the people of Nan. Local craftsmanship in modern times 19/09/2021 BYศุภดา Go To Website:

  40. Sri Panton Temple
    Wat Si Phan Ton has a beautiful viharn standing in a glittering golden majesty. It is another temple in Nan province that has beautiful stucco paintings, especially the seven-headed Naga guarding the stairs, which looks gentle and lively. which was sculpted by Nan craftsmen Inside the viharn, there are line drawings of the Buddha’s history and the history of Nan’s birth. by Nan technician It is a line drawing with natural colors, beautiful and extremely valuable.19/09/2021 BYศุภดา Go To Website:

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  42. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.”
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