Amigo Secreto – Carmen Steffens

É muito gostoso trabalhar com marcas que amam o que fazem. A gente percebe isso com a Carmen Steffens. Tivemos um ano super gostoso junto com a marca. Fui até para França conhecer a fábrica, lembram? Tudo que eles fazem é com amor e vontade que me deixa empolgada. Esse ano eles organizaram um amigo secreto com as blogueiras amigas. Toda a revelação e sorteio foi feito via vídeo. Nunca vi um amigo secreto tão divertido! Foi demais! Cada uma gravou na sua casa o sorteio e a revelação.

Aperte o play de veja como foi! Adivinha quem eu tirei?


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  3. Wat Lokayasutharam
    Wat Lokayasutharam Located at Pratuchai Subdistrict behind the royal palace and Pratuchai School The highlight of this temple is There is the reclining Buddha image in the reclining posture, the largest in the island of Ayutthaya.
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  5. Robson Street

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  6. Wat Sri Don Kham
    Locals call it “Wat Huai Ao”, it is a large old relic inside. The Buddha’s relics passed by to visit Long District. went to pay homage to Phra Chao Phrato See the arts and crafts of Lanna Buddhist ancestors and pay homage to “Phra That Sri Don Kham” to make you feel full of merit and good luck forever. And what is indispensable is to see the bomb bell. The origin of the word “City of Phrae bombing” that occurred since World War 2 from the bombing of the railroad. But the bomb didn’t explode. The villagers were disappointed and helped to carry the carts to the temple to make a bell. people passing by do not understand, they lead them to say that “Phrase of Explosion”


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  8. Koh Kradan is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes from Pak Meng Beach. The area of ​​this island is divided into 2 parts: the Chao Mai National Park; and private sector On the east side are rubber plantations and coconut plantations. Accommodation available Koh Kradan has a long white sandy beach, clear water, complete shallow coral reefs30-07-2021 by hunny go to website:

  9. RCA or the Royal City Avenue is the prime party venues of Bangkok city. Bangkok’s largest nightlife area is filled with high class chic pubs and lounges. This is one of the most bustling streetsides of the Thai Capital and has a very couple friendly vibe attached to it.
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  11. Tamarind Market
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  15. Dongtan is located in Pattaya and is one of the most popular gay friendly beach destinations of the country. This beach destination attracts the gay tourists as well as travelers looking for a different cultural experience. The diverse crowd of the beach is sprawling with people in colorful costumes at many different pubs and shacks spread around the place. One can also find the best massage parlours, cafes, hostels, fruit sellers, seafood vendors, etc. spread in whole area.

  16. Located in the South of Phuket, Hin Daeng and Hin Mouang are two of the best diving spots of Thailand. Located in the confines of Koh Lanta National Park, both places are counted among the best diving spots of the world. Diving here is an amazing experience. You get to swim through soft coral rocks as you pass by glowing illuminated school of fishes. The chances of seeing rare marine life like Manta Rays and even Whale Sharks is very high over here. +++เดซี่+++

  17. Phu Chi Fah in Thai language means mountain pointing to the sky. This mountain is almost 4 hours away from Chiang Rai and is perfect to witness sunset or sunrise from the top of the mountain. The trail is easy and is located at a distance of 1.8 km from the base. The top of the mountain provides beautiful views of Mekong River and the border of Laos. +++เดซี่+++

  18. Soak yourself in this jewel of 50 islands and also one of the top places to visit in Thailand. Spend your mornings with wilderness and bookmark the evenings for the thriving parties. Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park is other beautiful place to explore flora and fauna of Thailand. Cherish doing nothing on the white sand beaches and then break the day’s rhythm with snorkelling and diving. From being around the whimsical waterfalls to fishing to diving to kayaking, do something new every day. So, while you’re wondering what to do in this scenic place, try exploring one of the best places to visit in Thailand in March!
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  24. When talking about a province near the city like ‘Phetchaburi’, the image in many people’s memories is probably Dong Tan, sweets, and the Summer Palace. Along with reinforcing the palm sugar, Khanom Mo Kaeng, Khao Chae, as well as various Thai desserts inherited from the palace fence as souvenirs at the local souvenir shop But in fact, Phetchaburi still has another secret item that some people may not know, which is ‘Noodles…
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  26. Sutongpe Bridge
    The longest bamboo bridge in Thailand Sutongpe, a bridge born of the faith and cooperation of monks and villagers of Kung Mai teak. which each helped to build for monks and villagers The other side was able to travel between villages more easily. The classic beauty is unique to the bridge over the rice fields. Surrounded by valleys and mist in the morning sun. including pictures of tourists waiting to offer food to monks It is a charming picture in the morning that many people are fascinated by. I want to visit this wooden bridge of faith one time

    travel time Can travel all year round But during the rainy season in September -At the end of October, you will find green rice fields And in the beginning to
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  27. The Angel Boat, Wat Tai , located at Wat Chai Chumphon Chana Songkhram or Wat Tai, is a beautiful angel boat. The prominent location within the temple which was built to be used as a crematorium for the funeral of the old abbot after the funeral ceremony was completed The Angel Boat has become a distinctive building that attracts tourists to visit.
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