Tendência: body rendado


Meninas, o verão 2017 está batendo em nossas portas!

E tem uma tendência muito forte e super sexy que já chegou mostrando ao que veio.

Os bodies não são novidade, viraram sensação nas últimas temporadas, substituindo as blusas em diversos looks. Agora é a vez dos modelos rendados, que abusam das transparências e tem aquela pegada boudoir que foi chegando de mansinho, lembram? Sim, os bodies rendados lembram lingeries.


A transparência ganhou um fôlego nos últimos anos, não só na moda festa mas no dia a dia mesmo, impressionante né? E ela tem tudo a ver com essa coisa “fetiche” dos bodies rendados, esbanjando sensualidade e poder!

BODY | FL&L HOLIDAY ’16 SKIVVIES | Satin and appliqué adorn the mesh Soliana Bodysuit | Shop with link in bio | #ForLoveAndLemons

Uma foto publicada por For Love & Lemons (@forloveandlemons) em

Ficam lindos com jeans de cintura alta, calça de alfaiataria, saia lápis… e até com as revigoradas saias jeans, para looks casuais bem cool! A dica é caprichar na qualidade da peça, para manter aquele visual sofisticado mesmo apostando todas as fichas no seu lado sexy!

Tendência Body Rendado

divisoria com logo 2

Os pretos com decote bem avantajado são os mais vistos por aí.

O que vocês acham da trend, meninas?

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  4. Koh Langkajiu & Koh Kula

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  7. Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park
    An old palace built since the reign of King Rama IV, the palace stands prominently on the top of a hill over 90 meters high. There are many structures such as royal residences, palaces, temples and a group of buildings with a blend of Thai architecture. and west Distinctive points of view from the hilltop such as Phra That Chom Phet,06-08-2021 by hunny go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  8. Doi Pui Luang, Mae Hong Son Province
    Doi Pui Luang in Mae Ngao National Park It is a search for another beautiful sea of ​​mist in Thailand. The more I get to go in winter, the image of the sea of ​​clouds that clings tightly together. including beautiful golden fields big sun and the coldness that is the atmosphere of traveling in the forest Here is the splendor of the mountains in the form of a sea of ​​mist. and golden fields It is a new natural attraction that is still waiting for everyone to experience for themselves. I can assure you that the sea of ​​clouds is really beautiful, really beautiful.


  9. Latest on July 26, 2021, Thailand, we have received some good news. after several sessions The past month has only been bad news for the COVID-19 epidemic. The latest good news is that Kaeng Krachan National Park , a vast and important forest area of ​​Thailand, has been registered as a natural world heritage site. 3 of Thailand from UNESCO

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  10. Ob Luang National Park, Chiang Mai Province ❀
    Here is Khao Khad strait with rocky cliffs flanking the river. causing a deep canyon The depth of the cliff is measured from the Ob Luang Bridge to the normal water level about 32 meters, the narrowest part is 2 meters, the length of the strait is about 300 meters. Let me tell you that nature has created a wonderful
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  12. Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, it is celebrated each year in April across the entire country and runs from the 13th to the 15th, and water is traditionally sprinkled throughout the festival as it is believed it will wash away your bad luck and sins.
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  17. small island like singapore with an area of ​​less than 730 square kilometers according to government data There are few natural sources of water. and most of the time It has always depended on water from neighboring Malaysia.

    Still, the Singapore government decided to initiate a project to develop a state-of-the-art system for wastewater treatment. that takes advantage of a network of tunnels and a number of high-tech factories with the hope of increasing self-sufficiency
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  18. Baan Rak Thai

    Another highlight of Mae Hong Son that many people dream of coming to relax in a homestay in the tea plantation of Ban Rak Thai here. This is a Yunnan immigrant Chinese village. He is a former Chinese soldier of the National Corps of the 93rd Kuomintang Brigade who fled the war to live in Thailand and has stayed here permanently.

    It is over 1,776 meters above sea level. It is an area suitable for growing good tea and temperate plants. The scenery of the village is surrounded by high mountain ranges. Make the weather cool all year round. There is a lake in the middle of the village The houses that are planted are in Chinese style. look strangely beautiful There are plenty of corners to take beautiful photos, including tea plantations and a replica of the Great Wall of China. Or would you like to have fun wearing a traditional Chinese dress and taking chic photos? It looks fun in another way.
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  19. In this interview with the Bangkok Post, internationally acclaimed U.S. travel writer and novelist Paul Theroux said he believed Thailand was the most accommodating of all of the countries in Southeast Asia. “I think that Thailand is the most accommodating, because Thais don’t feel threatened by foreigners and feel like equals,” he said. “National pride is important, because it gives you self-esteem. Many countries have been colonized and they are conflicted.” Prior to this interview, the last time Theroux was in Bangkok was in 1985, when he was the keynote speaker at the SEA Write awards, held at The Oriental.
    Bangkok Post
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  20. Authorities at the Chiang Mai Zoo are showing videos of pandas having sex in the hopes of encouraging resident panda Chuang Chuang to mate with his partner, Lin Hui. However, the zoo’s chief veterinarian, Kanika Limtrakul, said that Chuang Chuang has yet to become hot and bothered. “Chuang Chuang seems indifferent to the videos; he has no reaction to what he’s seeing on TV,” Kanika said. “But, we’re continuing to show him videos and hoping they will leave an impression.” Chuang Chuang will be reunited with his partner in about a week. The two pandas have been kept apart from each other since late last year as part of an effort to spark some romance between them.
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  21. A bus packed with passengers heading to a funeral tumbled down a mountain in Kanchanaburi province on Saturday. Nine people and 26 others were injured. The accident occurred after the driver lost control of the bus. The driver then fled the scene. About 40 passengers from Pathum Thani province near Bangkok were on their way to a funeral of a respected abbot in Sangklaburi.
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  22. Demand for smartphones in Thailand is soaring, according to a new report by market research firm GfK Asia. Almost 3 million smartphones were sold in just the first four months of this year. Demand is particularly strong in Isaan, where sales have more than tripled in the last year. Thailand is now the second largest Southeast Asian market for smartphones after Indonesia, and GfK expects the country to experience at least 70% sales growth in 2014. However, the report states that despite the growth in smartphone usage, there has not been much of an increase in e-commerce or in online news. Rather, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are rapidly gaining in popularity.

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  23. Biography of “Sira Chenjaka”, a politician and a skilled businessman from the Pracharat powerhouse
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  26. Before the date of the ‘crown will fall’ to the most outstanding beauty of this year in the final of Miss Universe 2017, there is still a round to collect points. (Preliminary) on Saturday night, November 25 at 11 PM Thailand time. Update the latest news on the rehearsal day, Mariya Poonlertlarp has created a buzz for Thai people who follow the news. By which she was chosen as one of the representatives of beautiful women (just…
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  27. Suan Son Bo Kaeo or Bo Kaew Planting Experiment Station Located in Hot Chiang Mai Province If passing through Hot – Mae Sariang Road This is the main stop where you need to step away from your car to take a break from the dizzying curves. Relax and take a self-portrait with the long rows of pine . Within the pine garden, there is a road leading through a large grove of pine trees. There is light sunlight in the morning and evening. It is a very romantic picture that many people can’t wait to visit once in their lives.
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  28. Doi Samer Dao
    We always say that If you come to that province, this province and you don’t stop here. It’s like you haven’t arrived. Nan as well If we don’t visit Doi Samer Dao to see the beauty of the sea of ​​mist viewpoint, it’s like we haven’t arrived. Doi Samer Dao is located in Na Noi District, in the Si Nan National Park. It is an area with a large courtyard suitable for relaxing and watching the sunrise and sunset at the same time. and can also watch the sea of ​​mist in the morning as a viewpoint that can see the scenery 360 degrees at night, you can watch the starry sky beautifully
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  30. Caught and murdered, the culprit slit the factory girl’s throat. Hunted for more than a week. Showed up drunk and rampant across the province.
    Caught and murdered, the culprit slit the factory girl’s throat. Hunted for more than a week. Showed up drunk and rampant across the province. Background check, just acquitted of attempted murder in 61Read more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By ชาเขียว 18/9

  31. At the beginning of September, Tinder, the dating platform for friends and new people. has announced the launch of the ‘Face to Face’ video chat feature in select countries. (One of them is Thailand) to help users match each other. Can communicate via video to increase convenience during lockdown in many countries. And faced with the Covid-19 situation, when…
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  32. It became another social media platform hit by COVID-19 when Twitter reported their earnings for the past 2 quarter (April-June 2020) and found that they were earning. Total during this quarter, a total of 683 million US dollars, or about 21.6 billion baht, a decrease of 19% from the same period last year. The main reasons why Twitter …
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