Trend: Running Shoes

Da academia para os looks urbanos. Os tênis de corrida (sim! Aquele que você usa para fazer belíssima os seus agachamentos e aquela esteira básica) chegam ao nosso closet para substituir os sneakers e andar ao lado das sapatilhas. Comemorei. Afinal, tudo que deixa o look mais confortável para mim é alegria. Já pensou que delícia um look bacana montado com o tênis confortável para um dia de muito trabalho nas ruas? Ou para uma viagem? Os modelitos da New Balance são os que mais apontam nas fotos dos fahionistas.

Já tinha imaginado boas combinações com os tênis de corrida. Adorei as combinações com peças de alfaiataria. Selecionei alguns looks bem descolados para você se inspirar. Você aposta nessa tendência?

77 respostas para “Trend: Running Shoes”

  1. Amei e espero que vire tendencia mesmo. Tenho um probleminha básico no pé e escondê-lo e ficar bem vestida as vezes é um problema… Adoro seu blog e vejo todos os dias…

  2. Oi Lalá,
    Aceito bem as novas tendências que surgem, acho divertido inovar!
    “But” essa tendência de tênis esportivos (demais) fora da academia, na minha humilde opinião, só estraga o look.
    No way!!!rsrs

  3. Super aprovo e super uso com legging (preta) e camisa. Jogo uns acessórios e prontinho. Pra um “look aeroporto” é ótimo, pois é super confortável.

  4. Também não curto muito, só em situações bem específicas além da academia, como aeroporto, ou outras que pedem muito conforto… Mas ainda é beeem melhor do que os sneakers (uó!!)

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  14. This once famous department store is almost insignificant now. Long ago it was known for showcasing the post-war wealth of Thailand as well as selling foreign goods. Ho imported goods and weaver leather were the primary selling items here, but somewhere along the way the owners may have forgotten to redecorate and clean the place and, of course, update their stock inventory.
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  18. Both Line Financial and Mizuho Bank The company has increased its capital by another 12 billion yen, bringing the reserve value to 16.5 billion yen, which the two companies will use the corporate management structure in the form of a co-chief executive (Co-CEO) appointed by Mizuho Bank. The board of directors will be appointed by Line Financial and Mizuho Bank. in equal proportions
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  25. Thi Lo Su Waterfall
    Thi Lo Su Waterfall, the most magnificent waterfall in Tak Province It is located in Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a large limestone mountain waterfall. in the midst of the mighty forest The stream can be divided into three groups. is the group on the left (When facing the waterfall) is the largest group, the tallest and the most beautiful side. There are many streams of waterfalls flowing down as a tactic. middle group stream flowing from The cliff is steep, similar to the frog group on the left, but not layered and narrower. The group on the right There are many waterfalls and The cliffs were lower than the first two groups. When looking at the three groups together, they will see the great and beautiful Thi Lo Su Waterfall.
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  26. Channel ONE 31 announced a business alliance contract with LINE TV for the production and rerun of online content for one year, revealing that last year it was the Uncensored Pool Party. Content with the highest views, number 1, hit the main 70 million views Takonkiat Virawan believes that online does not kill TV. But they help each other to support each other…
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  27. Mae La Luang Viewpoint
    It is located in Mae La Noi District. Mae Hong Son Province At the edge of road 108, Chiang Mai, Hot, Mae Sariang, Mae La Noi, if traveling from Amphoe Hot, Mae Sariang will be beyond the entrance to the Mae La Noi Royal Project. But if traveling from Mae Hong Son, it will be before the way up to the Royal Project. Mae La Luang Viewpoint is regarded as a viewpoint on the way. overlooking the green mountains Including a coffee shop with a good atmosphere. that can sip a drink hanging legs to see the view as well If coming during the rainy season after the new rain will see the mist floating along the hillside, looking refreshed

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  32. After about 12:45 p.m., many LINE users in Thailand faced the problem of being temporarily unable to use the platform to chat through the platform for unknown reasons. Recently, LINE Thailand has announced the cause of the case. as already mentioned It stated that the problem was caused by an outage of the LINE server in Japan. Thus causing the disruption of the communication system…
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  33. Sao Din Na Noi, Tiger Cod
    Sao Din Na Noi and Kok Suea are located in Tambon Chiang Khong. The west side of Si Nan National Park is approximately 24 kilometers from the National Park Office, both of which are located not far from each other. It is a beautiful natural phenomenon caused by soil deposition and water erosion until it becomes a strange streak.19/09/2021 BYศุภดา Go To Website:

  34. Khun Sathan National Park
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