Tendência de acessórios: ear jackets

brincos ear jackets

Faz tempo que não falo sobre tendências de bijus e jóias por aqui né? Esta é tão fofinha e delicada, acho uma graça!

ear jacket silver

Com a expansão dos tipos de brinco que vem acontecendo recentemente, vários modelos inovadores surgiram. Entre eles, estão as ear jackets, que são as peças que ficam por trás da orelha, com apenas um detalhe menor na frente.

famosas ear jacket

Jennifer Lawrence / Rihanna / Amber Heard / Emilia Clarke

Os modelos mais comuns são os de leque, geralmente mais discretos em tons dourados.

Mas pesquisando aqui na internet dá pra ver que a variedade é imensa! Um mais lindo que o outro!


Brincos tipo Ear Jacket


Vale combinar as ear jackets com outros acessórios bem delicados e criar um look mais do que atual! As peças minimalistas estão super em alta, especialmente quando usadas em conjuntos, ou “jogos” como vem sendo chamados. Falei sobre isso em um post aqui, estão lembradas?

Acho que maxi acessórios tem o seu valor e o seu momento, mas peças delicadas como as ear jackets são atemporais e vão a qualquer lugar e ocasião. Então sem dúvidas vale investir em um brinco de jóia ou semi-jóia que você terá pra sempre e poderá usar tantas e tantas vezes… Acho que esse é o tipo de compra inteligente que buscamos fazer sempre, né? 😘

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  1. Oi Lalá sua Linda!!
    Sou apaixonada por Ear Jacket e por Ear Cuffs também… são detaslhes que sempre fazem muito diferença nos meus looks.

    Eu encontro peças lindas na loja CALLA Contemporânea, vou deixar os linsk aqui:
    Facebook: Calla Contemporânea (http://mifre.me/rSd2U )
    Instagram: @calla_contemporanea

    Parabéns pelo noivado.

  2. Phra Boromthat Doi Suthep is a very important place of the city of Chiang Mai. It is enshrined on Doi Suthep, 1,000 meters above sea level. Doi Suthep is located on the west side of the city. It is about 10 kilometers from the old town and overlooks the city. The grand relics of the Grand Relics were also enshrined at Serpent Guena, the 6th King of the Lanna Kingdom. The Mangrai Dynasty has kept his worship for 13 years and packed it here for the people to pay homage to prosperity.26-07-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  3. Doi Inthanon is the highest peak of Siam 2,565 meters. The last city of Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon, is part of the Himalayas, passing from Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar and ending here. The surrounding atmosphere is rich in nature. Whether it’s rainforest, pine forest, mixed forest. It is also cold all year round. If you’re here, you’ll want to be one of Chiang Mai’s must-see attractions.


  4. hung Wua Laen Beach

    It is a beautiful beach known as Pathio District. Located at Moo 8, Saphli Sub-district, Pathio District, Chumphon Province, is a beach with fine white sand. stretching as far as the eye can see It is a shallow water beach that slowly slopes down gradually, wide beach, suitable for swimming. Popular with tourists31-07-2021 BY ศุภดา Go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  5. Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park
    An old palace built since the reign of King Rama IV, the palace stands prominently on the top of a hill over 90 meters high. There are many structures such as royal residences, palaces, temples and a group of buildings with a blend of Thai architecture. and west Distinctive points of view from the hilltop such as Phra That Chom Phet,06-08-2021 by hunny go to website:https://ipro191.com/

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  7. Doi Pui Luang, Mae Hong Son Province
    Doi Pui Luang in Mae Ngao National Park It is a search for another beautiful sea of ​​mist in Thailand. The more I get to go in winter, the image of the sea of ​​clouds that clings tightly together. including beautiful golden fields big sun and the coldness that is the atmosphere of traveling in the forest Here is the splendor of the mountains in the form of a sea of ​​mist. and golden fields It is a new natural attraction that is still waiting for everyone to experience for themselves. I can assure you that the sea of ​​clouds is really beautiful, really beautiful.


  8. Latest on July 26, 2021, Thailand, we have received some good news. after several sessions The past month has only been bad news for the COVID-19 epidemic. The latest good news is that Kaeng Krachan National Park , a vast and important forest area of ​​Thailand, has been registered as a natural world heritage site. 3 of Thailand from UNESCO

    For Kaeng Krachan National Park, with an area of ​​1.8 million rai, it is the largest national park in Thailand. It covers an area of ​​two provinces, Phetchaburi and Prachuap Khiri Khan. A unique natural attractions, such as Sea Lake waterfalls, caves, cliffs.

    This is regarded as a joy for all Thai people. And must appreciate the people involved in the conservation of this perfect forest for all living things to continue to exist. Today, Sanook Travel would like to take everyone to see the beautiful atmosphere of Kaeng Krachan forest together See the world heritage of nature in Thailand. and has become a natural heritage of mankind now
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  9. In addition to Xiaomi having products ranging from smartphones , tablets to home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, Xiaomi has not stopped expanding its own product line. Recently, the company has officially launched a robot dog at the launch of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 smartphone as well.
    Xiaomi’s robot dog, CyberDog, is a robotic pet similar to Boston Dynamics’ Spot. Xiaomi says the robot dog is a testament to the company’s engineering abilities.
    CyberDog’s brain relies on the NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier™ NX platform, which includes 384 CUDA cores, 48 ​​Tensor cores, and 6 Carmel CPU cores, and 2 cores for deep learning computing. These modules collect data from 11 sensors. CyberDog’s features include touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules, and more, which allow this robotic dog to process movements in different locations.
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  10. Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, it is celebrated each year in April across the entire country and runs from the 13th to the 15th, and water is traditionally sprinkled throughout the festival as it is believed it will wash away your bad luck and sins.
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  12. For those who need the ultimate device for productivity and immersive entertainment, Z Fold3 is a true multitasking powerhouse, a no-notch-nor-punch-hole 7.6-inch Infinity Flex Display, and the first ever S Pen support on a foldable device. For those who want style that comes with function, Z Flip3 is the ideal device with its sleek, compact, and pocketable design, enhanced camera features, and a larger outer screen built for quick use on the go.
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  13. CNBC said the reason SoftBank considered selling ARM to NVIDIA was a result of the company’s poor financial stability. Especially the huge loss of money on technology startups they invest in, whether it be Uber or WeWork, as well as in the case of US tech company stocks. down sharply at the beginning of the month

    Earlier in 2016, SoftBank acquired Arm for $31.6 billion. It is one of the largest acquisitions in the world, and Arm is known for being an architectural firm that designs smartphone chips, whether it’s the Qualcomm chips used in Android or today’s iPhone chips.
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  14. Microsoft has announced on its website that it will stop supporting Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) browsers by August 17, 2021, starting with the Microsoft Teams Web App end of support on IE11. From 30 November onwards Before all Microsoft 365 applications and services end support on IE11 beginning August 17 next year.
    For users of the Internet Explorer 11 and Edge Legacy browsers who will be impacted by the end of support announcement, Microsoft has confirmed that they will facilitate the transition process in terms of product usability. The company’s new browser, New Microsoft Edge, is as ‘simple’ and ‘smooth’ as ​​possible.
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  15. small island like singapore with an area of ​​less than 730 square kilometers according to government data There are few natural sources of water. and most of the time It has always depended on water from neighboring Malaysia.

    Still, the Singapore government decided to initiate a project to develop a state-of-the-art system for wastewater treatment. that takes advantage of a network of tunnels and a number of high-tech factories with the hope of increasing self-sufficiency
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  16. Ban Huai Pu Kaeng long neck karen

    The Karen people here migrated from Kayah State, Burma, and have been setting up a village for over 30 years. Here we can see their way of life still wearing brass neck rings. and traditional dress which is a picture that is hard to find Anyway, before going back, don’t forget to support the crafts of his brothers as well.
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  17. A handful of taxi drivers in London have been recruited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to casually talk to passengers about the benefits of traveling to Thailand. In the promotion orchestrated by Thai tourism authorities, drivers might comment on London’s dreadful weather. The passenger’s response will enable drivers to get a sense of that passenger’s receptiveness to hearing a sales pitch. “Drivers can go on to talk about holiday destinations that are nice and sunny and then go on to say something about Thailand,” said Asher Moses, managing director of Taxi Promotions UK, the agency that facilitates the ad campaigns. “Drivers can tell if a passenger is willing to talk or if they just want to sit and read a newspaper or stare out the window.”
    Cox News Service
    ก้อง 22/08/64

  18. A Sydney man has been charged with importing half a kilogram of cocaine hidden in woven dresses from Thailand, according to the Australian Federal Police. Customs officers in Sydney seized a consignment of 11 African woven dresses, allegedly imported from Bangkok, with embroidered patches containing white powder wrapped in brown tape. They referred the consignment to the AFP, who tested the white powder, which proved to be cocaine. A little more than 500 grams of cocaine were removed from the consignment, with an estimated street value of A$ 200,000.
    ก้อง 23/08/64

  19. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has designated a run down pier and a dilapidated warehouse nearby as the site for a new floating market. Work to renovate the pier itself and the surrounding area will begin shortly and is expected to finish in the next three months. The pier, situated in Min Buri district, is on the notoriously polluted Saen Saeb canal, known for its smelly and murky water. A program to improve the water quality will soon be under way. The Min Buri floating market will add to Bangkok’s many attractions and will serve as an alternative for the Damnoen Saduak floating market in Rajburi province. In a drive to increase tourist spending in the capital, the world renowned shoppers’ paradise Jatujak weekend market will now be open on Fridays in addition to the weekends, starting February 20.
    The Nation

  20. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has launched a three-day celebration of the new Giant Swing located in front of the Bangkok City Hall. The king and queen presided over the inaugural ceremony of Bangkok’s refurbished Giant Swing on Wednesday. The Giant Swing has undergone several renovations since it was built in 1782, with the latest restoration beginning four years ago. The celebrations will feature a wide range of cultural performances, although the ceremony for which the Giant Swing was most known in the past will not take place. Until it was discontinued in 1935, a dangerous ceremony involved teams of men who would ride the swing on arcs as high as 25 meters above the ground, without any safety measures, using their teeth to grab a bag of silver coins hung in the air.

    ก้อง 24/08/64

  21. Bangkok’s Metropolitan Police Bureau has created a new program to help overweight traffic police shed some kilos. About 60 traffic police have volunteered for the ‘Fit and Firm’ program. Sessions taking place twice a week include yoga and aerobics. The program also encourages the participants to eat a healthier diet that emphasizes fruit and soup and discourages fried street food and bowls of white rice. “Senior policemen saw that our officers are too chubby… too fat, so they decided they should lose weight”, said Lieutenant Colonel Sujit Suksamai, who is also taking part in the course. Slimming down also improves public confidence in the police, according to health expert Kawita Kruenjit. “When the general public see fat police they wonder ‘how are they going to run after the bad guys?'”
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  25. The image of Chompoo-Araya A. Harket on the red carpet of this year’s Cannes Film Festival is different from past years. Shortly before she left Thai people just heard the news that she was pregnant with twin sons. But even then, she decided that she had to walk on the big red carpet anyway. Amid the lights and flashes of journalists all over the world. According to the Thai elder brother-young…
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  26. Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden It is located in Mae Rim District. It is a place to conserve and collect plants into categories according to different genera. by planting in accordance with the nature as possible Both the skywalk on the top of the tree a group of greenhouse buildings on top of a hill to enjoy viewing the flower gardens and various kinds of plants It is considered a place to relax and study nature that should be visited once.
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  27. Khun Sathan National Park
    Seeing the mist at Doi Samer Dao In Na Noi District, there is one more pure and beautiful tourist attraction. Khun Sathan National Park For people who like to travel in this style, Khun Sathan National Park is another place that should not be missed. With the charm of the magnificent mountains mixed with fog in the rainy season that are available to see along both routes until the park office makes us happy and enjoy looking at the view quite a bit.
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  29. Toomtam Chuan Yim” with his son “Gift Chuanchuen” cleared the knot in his heart. revealing the reason why they use different surnames
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  30. Take a look at the beautiful location from the series Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha in Pohang, South Korea.
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  31. Only 2 more days (Friday, July 31, 2020) that ‘Apple Central World’ will officially open the house to welcome customers and users to visit the beauty of the outstanding architecture located in the Ratchaprasong intersection. Ready to choose Apple products in the second store in Thailand
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  32. After leaving the fans I have been eagerly awaiting the strange building in the Central World shopping center for some time. Finally, Apple has announced this morning in Thailand time that. They are preparing to open the second Apple Store in Thailand, ‘Apple Central World’ on Friday, July 31.

  33. 2After leaving the fans I have been eagerly awaiting the strange building in the Central World shopping center for some time. Finally, Apple has announced this morning in Thailand time that. They are preparing to open the second Apple Store in Thailand, ‘Apple Central World’ on Friday, July 31.
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  34. “It takes courage to love, but pain through love is the purifying fire which those who love generously know. We all know people who are so much afraid of pain that they shut themselves up like clams in a shell and, giving out nothing, receive nothing and therefore shrink until life is a mere living death.”
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