Tênis + alta-costura? Isso é possível?

A moda é mesmo uma caixinha de surpresas e a cada temporada faz a gente (re) pensar os nossos hábitos e conceitos. Nessa temporada de Alta Costura , duas marcas – Chanel e Dior – quebraram todos os paradigmas colocando como acessório dos seus looks , os tênis. Isso mesmo. Os mais luxuosos vestidos acompanhados do sapato mais despojado ever! Já vimos a febre dos sneakers com salto. Será que agora vamos encontrar as mais ousadas com tênis no tapete vermelho? Ou vamos ver looks super bacanudos e refinados acompanhados por eles? Fique de olho no street style da próxima temporada , pois não vão faltar tênis!  A coluna agradece! rsss!

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  3. Khlong Lan Waterfall

    It is located in Khlong Lan National Park. a large waterfall Flowing down from a 100-meter cliff below, there are streams and basins where you can comfortably soak in the water. It is recommended to come during August-October. It is the period when the waterfall is the most beautiful.

    National Park entrance fee: Thai people: 40 baht for adults, 20 baht for children / foreigners: 200 baht for adults, 100 baht for children.

    Location: Khlong Lan Phatthana Subdistrict, Khlong Lan District, Kamphaeng Phet Province
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  4. “Nothing in the world can take the place of perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost legendary. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Perseverance and determination alone are omnipotent.”
    – Calvin Coolidge

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  5. Phra Nakhon Khiri Historical Park
    An old palace built since the reign of King Rama IV, the palace stands prominently on the top of a hill over 90 meters high. There are many structures such as royal residences, palaces, temples and a group of buildings with a blend of Thai architecture. and west Distinctive points of view from the hilltop such as Phra That Chom Phet,06-08-2021 by hunny go to website:https://ipro191.com/

  6. From what the Prof. has upgraded the measures of dark red areas in 10 provinces, with Bangkok and its vicinities, plus 4 southern provinces. Do not leave the residence from 21.00-04.00 unless necessary. by department store Can open only supermarkets, drug departments, food departments, convenience stores, nightlife stores, close at 8 p.m., order to close massage parlors, spas, beauty salons Do not gather in groups of more than 5 people. All measures will begin on July 12, while travel restrictions in 6 provinces will start on July 10, allowing people to follow the measures that violate the penalty even if they do not have a list of names in the province.

    Latest today, July 10, 2021, in the past, the atmosphere around Jomtien Beach, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province, after cross-provincial travel is prohibited. The operators of Jomtien beach beds have been greatly affected. which almost no tourists come to visit Jomtien Beach

    Ms Sumalee Aramwong, 50, an umbrella bed operator, said she was greatly affected. No tourists come to visit, resulting in no income. There are only increasing expenses. Usually, the majority of tourists visiting Jomtien Beach are from Bangkok, but with the lockdown of Bangkok, there are almost no tourists. This made the beach look very lonely. The shop has measures as specified by the government. by having tourists wear masks Wash your hands with alcohol gel. and sit at a distance from each other
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  7. The movement is servo-based. (Devices for controlling motors or various drive systems) that Xiaomi has developed itself to be able to move in many forms, such as Backflips and high-speed movements with a top speed of 3.2m/s (11.5 km/h or 7.15 mph), etc.
    There is also an Intel RealSense D450 sensor for detecting the depth – shallow of objects, allowing the robot to move without bumping into objects. There is also a sensor that detects noise. allowing us to command the robot And there are also many ports such as up to 3 USB-C and HDMI ports, which allows developers to develop various software.
    All that said, this is not just the launch of the concept only, but Xiaomi says that it is produced for sale as well. There are only 1,000 of them, priced at 9,999 yuan, or about 51,600 baht. However, there is no release date yet. It’s officially out.
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  8. This once famous department store is almost insignificant now. Long ago it was known for showcasing the post-war wealth of Thailand as well as selling foreign goods. Ho imported goods and weaver leather were the primary selling items here, but somewhere along the way the owners may have forgotten to redecorate and clean the place and, of course, update their stock inventory. BY- SUNJI ☞ Click here to See https://ipro191.com/

  9. “My mother has been fond of cooking since childhood. because absorbed by Grandma The food that can be done has a variety of Thai food. Thai desserts and bakery Growing up, I used this knowledge to make a career to earn money to take care of my family all along. and also conveyed it to Nong Pin in case that in the future at least he would have a subject with him.”
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  10. Two data points. The money that YouTube keeps from selling advertisements — its main source of income — was about US$11.2 billion (375 billion baht) in the past year, not much more than the ad revenue of ViacomCBS, a mid-tier American TV company that owns the CBS television network. Twitter, which is not so hot at money, pulls in roughly double the ad sales on average from each of its users compared with YouTube.
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  11. Ko Phangan a pristine island situated in the Gulf of Thailand. This beautiful island resort is located halfway between Ko Samui and Ko Tao. The island is famous between the backpacking communities coming here from different parts of the world to experience the island’s beauty. A large part of Ko Phangan is filled with rainforests and hillocks that make amazing hiking destinations for the adventure lovers
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  12. After being hit by the US government’s blacklisting of domestic companies from doing business in early 2019, Huawei, the Chinese telecom technology developer, has been randomly developing its own OS. (because I don’t have full access to Google and Android services)

    Recently, at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 held today in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China, Huawei officially announced that HarmonyOS 2.0 will be released on Huawei smartphones from 2021 onwards, replacing the original Android OS.
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  13. Line Corporation Co., Ltd. (LINE: Japan parent company) and Mizuho Financial Group Inc. (Mizuho Financial Group Inc) announced a partnership between two subsidiary companies, Line Financial Corporation and Mizuho Bank. Suho to increase investment and announced the restructuring of the management of LINE Bank Preparatory Company
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  14. News reports stated that The system used by Singapore to treat wastewater to good quality water can also help reduce water pollution problems. This is because only a small amount of the treated water is released back into the sea. Which is different from what almost every country in the world is doing.

    The United Nations estimates that 80 percent of global wastewater goes back to ecosystems. without treatment or being reused
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  15. Red soil people are boiling! The police station is close to the front of the accommodation. Shooting rubber bullets hit the villagers – reporters
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  16. Cute little Phang Nga accommodation in a comfortable and perfect atmosphere. It offers rooms of various sizes such as small rooms (double beds), twin rooms with balcony. and large rooms, etc. The interior is decorated in simple white tones, with amenities such as a seating area, breakfast, garden and massage services.

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  17. Located in Bang Niang Beach in Khao Lak. Distinguished by colorful decorations. Each room has a balcony where guests can see the beautiful garden with various in-room amenities including wireless internet. Air conditioning, kettle and private bathroom, etc. is another place in Phang Nga. that emphasizes a simple and friendly atmosphere so that you can fully absorb the chill atmosphere

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  18. Located at Laem Pakarang The area around the accommodation emphasizes an airy, open and comfortable atmosphere. Looking out from the lobby, you can see a large lotus pond. that reflects the shadow of the coconut tree and looks fresh Along with the service of lovely and friendly staff. All rooms have spectacular sea views. It is another luxury accommodation in Phang Nga. that allows you to relax fully without limitation

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  19. Cute little Phang Nga accommodation in a comfortable and perfect atmosphere. It offers rooms of various sizes such as small rooms (double beds), twin rooms with balcony. and large rooms, etc. The interior is decorated in simple white tones, with amenities such as a seating area, breakfast, garden and massage services.

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  20. Student’s dormitory in KMUTT area. Very cool. Not enough to reduce the dormitory fee. Give away the best food for the dormitory. There are only good things to eat.
    Called as the best of the dormitory that is known to take care of the impressive children. until he saw it and couldn’t help but smile. Because the dormitory here takes care of the food of the guests so well that many People want to be the residents of this dormitory a lot Read more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By wila 3/9

  21. This is student work! Open the work of cultivation Made out of focus on the wrong point.
    Call it an idea that doesn’t work much. for activities to enhance life experiences such as teaching cultivation where the students’ pictures were attached to the farmland instead of using their names Read more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By wila 3/9

  22. Recorded in history as a stage play with the most performances in Thailand for ‘Si Dinh The Musical’ after 2011, the curtain opened to impress the audience for 100 rounds before the show opened. Another 50 rounds in 2014, with some modifications to the cast. And most recently, ‘Mae Ploy’ has come back to convey her own story through the heat…
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  23. Oprah Winfrey accepts The Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 75th Golden Globe Awards, a special award the HFPA has given to prominent figures in the entertainment industry since 1952, Oprah said. Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the HFPA, and it ends with the audience applauding the entire hall, “In 1964, I was still a little girl…
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  24. Wat Mani Praison
    Wat Mani Praison It is an old temple in Mae Sot District. What attracts tourists to visit is the Viharn Sambuddha Chedi. Burmese art pagoda The appearance of a chedi on the chedi consists of a small chedi surrounded by a large chedi. Each pagoda enshrines many small Buddha images. In addition, within the temple there are sacred objects and many ancient sites But the important thing is Buddha Gotama Boromsri Muang Chot Reverend Father Sangkajai Stucco Buddha image in the reclining Buddha posture Reverend Father Tanjai Song
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  25. Tham Pha Tha Phon Non-Hunting Area
    Tham Pha Tha Phon Non-Hunting Area Located in Noen Maprang District It is a large limestone mountain with steep cliffs. long, shaped like a horseshoe It is about 236 meters above sea level and has a cliff indentation. caused by millions of years of rainwater erosion causing many caves A visit to the caves is therefore a highlight of our visit here. By visiting the caves, you can drive directly into the caves. Each cave is located on the dirt road of the Tham Pha Tha Phon Non-Hunting Area. It was a small cave with no long passage leading into the deep cave. You can see the beauty only at the mouth of the cave.
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  26. If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”
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  27. Once in a while, “nuclear” some edge! Cover dance of LALISA, the steps are perfect.
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  28. “Ice Apisada” with fashion looks, beautiful, irresistible, no matter how many looks you wear, you won’t be disappointed
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  29. Launched 3 formulas of vitamin masks for beautiful and healthy skin from Herbalife Nutrition.
    Herbalife Nutrition launches vitamin mask for beautiful and healthy skin with a proprietary formula Enriched with 12 types of vitamins, aloe vera. Jeju Island Sea Salt and extracts from Jeju Island riceRead more >>> https://ipro191.com/ By ชาเขียว 18/9

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